Succubi (singular: succubus) are a race of evil outsiders (most likely demons or devils), infamous across the planes for tempting mortal souls and engendering misery and destruction through their seductive manipulations. Their Temptress Queen is the immortal Belsaba.

Succubi dwell primarily in the depth of the Shadowvast. Despite this, they are not uncommon on the Material Plane where they enjoy sowing chaos with their manipulations. Succubi savor the sweet taste of a mortal's life-force and possess the ability to drain it with their infamous soul-sucking kisses. Despite their relative physical weakness when compared with other demonic races such as hezrous or glabrezus, they can achieve very high ranks amongst the fiendish hierarchy thanks to their complex machinations, and many abyssal conflicts have started thanks to their subtle, scheming influences. Succubi tend to be created from the souls of particularly lustful and rapacious mortals, damned to the Shadowvast.

The female child of a succubus and a human is traditionally called an "alu-demon" and the male child a "cambion" (though the latter term can be applied to any demon-mortal offspring). However, the offspring of an alu-demon or cambion, as a result of a union with a human, is referred to as a Pit-born.


Demons or devils?

In the recent years, some succubi have appeared aligned with the lawful realm of Carcereth. This has lead some to wonder about the very nature of succubi and their tanar'ri status.

Notable Succubi

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