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Aliases ?
Size Metropolis
Location Westencairn
Ruler ?
Population 17,000
Exports ?


yellow church
opera and ballet house
cathedral for saint
large city square
home to saint visited by four angels
ancient church outside of city
ancient fort
tiefling invasion
lots of churches and cathedrals - home to the famous 11 exalted churches of Straussheim
religious college
key iconography
mythical key hidden in the city - powerful artifact.
kidan population
tiefling population
large palace with forest of banners
city districts divided like a pie with fort in center
large library
ancient cemetery
massive obelisk
famous large park
airship mooring tower
home to many famous historical warriors
traditional chess city - home to many grandmasters
encourages trade and merchants
city no stranger to battles and invasions
is built to protect against sieges - good wells, lots of food storage
wealthy city
strong walls
on top of a hill with good view of surrounding lands
cosmopolitan - many cultures, many languages
high crime
exports - tobacco, alcohol, textiles, wagons

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