The Strassekreige was a Unterian civil war from 798 to 662 PI.

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Although the ogres were defeated, the empire was devastated. Effectively divided in half, the empire entered into a century long civil war known as the Strassekriege. At first the war merely consisted of north against south factions, but as the wars carried on, soon several factions broke out. The war resulted in large areas of Untergrund being laid waste, a loss of approximately a third of its population, and a general impoverishment.

Untergrund fell into disarray. A plague spread from the piles of corpses known as the tanzenfäule. Famine, theft and murder rose to dizzying heights.

During this time, another war was being fought in the east. The Dämonenhexe War was being fought against an invading force of oni. The oni were viscous opponents due to their use of magic unknown or forgotten to the dwarves.

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