Hier ist es schön
Here it is beautiful
Capital Straftstadt
Largest City Kratnor
Continent Aremia
Ruling House ?
Demonym ?
Formation ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Dwarven

Straft is an eastern jutting peninsula on the continent of Aremia. It was colonized by the dwarven sailors of the Roggaeser Clan in the early parts of the Age of Knowledge. The main port city on the very east of the land is Kratnor.


Pre-dwarven discovery

The Erobernd

The dwarven term for discovery is also their term for conquering.

Erik Straften, second cousin of Kaiser Grunun Streitaxt leads an expedition across the Nora Sea in 720 NS.

Chaos and dwarven dominance

Due to a rapidly deteriorating social situation, the dwarves declared racial dominance and stripped all non-dwarves of their rights.

The Dämonzeit

Called the Time of Demons, it recalls the terrible events of 1372 NS, in which Ail, the vampire, lead an army of dark elves and demons to destroy several dwarven cities.

Kratnor was almost destroyed during this time by a rampaging balor, but it was defeated single handedly by Alaina Demonbreaker

Geographical Features

Bloodwater Swamp

Swamps outside of Kratnor. Difficult to transverse over and home to many deadly creatures.

Calypsix Mountains

Also called the Verberg Mountains.


Heimgang Schlange Strait

Neusüden Sea

Quga Mountains

Welkind Insel

The island of the Roggaeser Clan and the location of Straftstadt. Originally, only the Roggaeser and their servants and slaves were allowed on the island. Then as the years passed, travel began to thin between the island and the main land until it ceased completely.



Koftfels Ruins


see Kratnor





State Racism

Non-dwarves are not allowed inside city walls unless they are sponsored by a dwarf.


Slavery thrives in Straft, most slaves being human with some raptorians as well.

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