Story Ancient
The Old Door

Story Ancient is the sentient tower once belonging to the wizard Tenser. It is an extra-dimensional space that is infamously dangerous for intruders. Many who have tried to breech the tower have never returned.

Tenser tended to constantly change the interior of the tower until his disjunction, where it kept its last shape. The ownership of the tower went to Kylie the Just.



Tenser the Loremaster first discovered a warping of space-time in the Walled Hills. Noting the danger of the area, he set to stabilize the warp and thus created a pocket dimension rooted to the area. He used this area as a home and shaped it to his will.

Tenser's Death and reimagining

Tenser Imprisoned

see the Council of Nine Saga

A Meeting Place

Used by Balbaroy as a meeting place before traveling to the Hourglass Tower.

Tenser's Death

After the death of Tenser, the dimensional space was left in the care of Kylie the Just. The upper levels of the tower were examined one last time by the Council and Tenser’s friends. Its remaining valuables were removed and it was locked by Kylie. Since then, the tower has been largely left alone. Kylie returned to the tower five times due to the final instructions of Tenser.

The Old Gate

Powers and Abilities



Tenser's simulacrum


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