Stiri Stirjak

Stiri Stirjak is a popular kamik strategic card game. The game consists of cards with one to eight arrows printed on the borders and a numerical value. The game commences much like dragonchess or any other stratigic game.

The cards themselves are considered collectors items by many and Stiri Stiryjak players are known to have many cards.


In a basic game of Stiri Stirjak, each player has eight cards, neither knowing the other's hand. The cards depict various beasts, animals, locations or historical personalities and four numbers placed in arrangement so each corresponds to one of the four sides and four corners of the card. These numbers range from one to nine, the letter A representing ten.

A coin-flip or die roll decision is made as to which of the two players shall begin. The players alternate placing cards onto a four by four playing grid. If a player places a card onto the grid with an arrow on it pointing to one of the other player's cards, then a card battle begins. If the other player's card does not have an arrow opposing the attacking player's card's arrow, then it becomes in the control of the attacking player. Otherwise, the winner of the card battle is chosen based on the cards' value. If a card is taken, then it in turn takes any cards it can have an unopposed card battle with.

Play continues until the entire grid is filled. Once the game is complete, the player who has the most cards in his control is named the winner. As there are a total of sixteen cards, this allows the possibility of the game ending in a draw, which may be resolved by a sudden death scenario, or by playing until a winner is defined.

Traditionally, the winner claims all cards in their control.

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