Stewart of Lindblum
Stewart of Lindblum
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Lindblum
Date of Birth 1338 NS
Home Lindblum, Ilefain
Title Steward of Ilefain
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members House de'Chantfeu
Tory of Lindblum (wife)
Arret of Lindblum (son)
Elbast of Lindblum (father)
Loyalty Ilefain

Stewart ab de'Chantfeu IX is the ruling Steward of Ilefain. He succeeded his father, Elbast of Lindblum, at his death. Stewart appears noble and powerful. He is tall, wise and valiant. He proves a masterful lord and a great ruler, seeing to all things large and small under his command.

His lady is Tory of Lindblum and their son is Arret of Lindblum.


Early life

Siege of Lindblum

During the Siege of Lindblum, 1351, Elbast of Lindblum died. This left a thirteen year old Stewart as the new Steward. His uncle, Count Dion de'Chantfeu, ruled until Stewart took the Stewardship at age eighteen.


Crowned in 1356.

The Matter of Vatharond

Personality and Appearance


Stewart of Lindblum is famed for his love of airships.

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