Stephania the Devil Charmer
Stephania Vale
Biographical Information
Date of Birth 1349 NS
Home Mooncrystal,
Title The Devil-Charmer
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Loyalty Ke'Vadar

Stephania Vale, also known as Stephania the Devil Charmer, is a sorceress famous for summoning devils and using them for battle. She was born as a slave in the western reaches of Ilefain, raised as a the pet of a Speaker of the Flesh. Soon after her aptitude for summoning was discovered, she was placed in the gladatorial slave ring until her escape. Shortly thereafter, she began traveling through the Brothers starving and wishing death upon herself until she met the wizard Ke'Vadar who gave her a new lease on life. She is currently lost in the forgotten wilderness of Aremia, looking for a way back home and to Ke'Vadar.

Stephania's usual outfit is a red dress complete with matching bodace and her ironwood staff. She is fair skinned and has dark hair. She has a distinctive scar over her eye and down her right cheek.


Young slave


Tournament of Kings

Voyage to Aremia

Powers and Abilities

Martial arts



Her black cat familiar is able to walk through solid objects.

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