Steinkaiser Eisen

Steinkaiser Eisen is the legendary first unifier of the Unterian dwarf clans and emperor of Untergrund during the first years of the Eisenriech Period. He ruled until his death at the age of 179.

Steinkaiser Eisen is a pivotal figure in dwarven history, ushering in millennia of imperial rule. After unifying Untergrund, he and his chief adviser, Dunkel Seiden, passed a series of major economic and political reforms. He undertook gigantic projects, including (massive defensive structure), the (tomb of stone warriors), and a massive reworking of the deep roads, all at the expense of numerous lives. To ensure stability, Eisen outlawed and burned many books and buried some scholars alive. He also established the Church of Ornus as the official state religion (giving them many privileges), outlawing all other faiths.

He fought with the cursed greataxe, Ar-Slahan.


Birth and youth

King of the North

Eisen became king at age 37, taking the place of his father who died after a reign of only 3 years.

Assassination attempts

Unified Untergrund

Ten Crimes of Eisen

Defeat of Grossverräter

see Grossverräter

Quest for Immortality




Eisen Clan and family

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