Saint William and Saint Theodore

Saint William And Saint Theodore are two early saints, often known as the Minstrel Saints. William was the son of a decadent nobleman, while Theodore, the son of a soldier. They met rufus-of-the-temple, who gave them the opportunity to leave their lives and turn to the service of the gods.

Ser William Prestone and Theodore.


William was 24 and Theodore was 25.


First spoke with Arasia the Bloodwolf with St Rufus, who soon left them, but promised to return. Then they traveled into Coranthe and met an outlaw. Southward to Canstice and the remnants of the Aquarian Empire to speak of philosophy.

Afterwards they return to Coranthe and they meet a pair of princesses (Elizabeth and Joanna) who wish to flee from their father, an evil king. The King attempts to have them arrested and executed, but they escape.


Soon, they begin their gospel, spreading the word of the gods and begin to speak of organizing what would later become the Church of Light. They gather many followers, a doctor and alchemist, an illiterate barbarian, a lady paladin (the progenitor of the paladin tradition), a bard and a gifted prince.

They travel back to Arasia who is planning to begin a bloody war and they convince her to cease her warmongering.

Return of Rufus

Rufus returns to them and reports the safety of the princesses and the downfall of the evil king. The prince can be placed in his stead.




Holy Seicania


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