Saint Eran

Saint Eran was a priest of the Church of Light in Las Ama, Ilefain. He was part of a family with deep Salvatorian roots. His teachings about the nature of outsiders, which emphasized their sacredness and essence which equaled the gods, made him a heretic in the Church of Light. The early church was quick to excommunicate and exile him in order to preserve a unified faith.

The church encouraged its followers to mock and criticize Eran, and he was chased out of many cities and often hunted. Despite opposition, he never disavowed his teachings and attracted a small but loyal following.

He wrote the Libro Inmortalis and gave it to his acolyte before surrendering to the church. Eran was transported to Temple to undergo an ordeal. However, while being marched toward his ordeal, Eran, suddenly and with no reason, swelled like a balloon, opening several wounds in his body, before collapsing, dead.

Due to the lack of evidence that mortal magic was used, many believe Eran was being punished by the gods for his heresy. The members of his order hold that the gods would have honored the ordeal and his death was caused by assassination quickly concealed by the church.

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