Spider Tribe

The Spider Tribe (elven: llwyth pry cop) are a cicryf elven tribe in Nora. They were founded by the mythical Rhôn of the Spear who named the tribe after the totemic spider spirit, Corynn.

The tribe lived south of the Thantena Forest in the Preccop Heights. The Spiders are not a friendly tribe. Generations of conflict with humanity have left them with an ill opinion of the foreigners. The Spider tribe have had their share of clashes with Varnhold.


The Spider tribe is an offshoot of the mighty cicryf that once roamed the northern Thantena steppes by the tens of thousands. In the distant past, the branch destined to become the Spider tribe migrated southeast, eventually coming into conflict with the doliaeth tribes that would one day form the nation of Otland. The Spider tribe follow a tribal tradition that they serve as guardians against an ancient evil they know only by the name Greledyth—although no Spiders remember the truth of this ancient menace today, for over the generations, the facts behind these traditions fell into obscurity and were largely forgotten. While the Valley of the Dead and the region of the Tors of Levenies above this mysterious site remain taboo to the Spiders, they know not the exact reasons for this tradition. To the Spiders, the tradition itself is all they need to continue in their ways.


The Spiders are a matriarchal society led by a warpriestess (offeiriades), a she-elf dedicated to the worship of Yunis and Helos in an aspect they call Lleuadmam or “Mother Moon.” Due to heavy losses among their warrior males while fighting the Aquarian Empire generations earlier and a preponderance of female births, the great majority of the Spiders are females, who now comprise their principal warrior class. Though males are allowed among their number, they represent a much smaller portion. Males are instead encouraged to take up the bow as hunters, a much safer profession, in order to prevent their potential loss in battle—the loss of enough males would spell the doom of the entire tribe as it could no longer reproduce in viable numbers.

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