Spectre Moth

The Spectre Moth is a stark white moth once common in Tempest Vale. It was once found in the outskirts of the Highmoon Forest, but the Lumber Consortium wiped out their natural habitat making them extremely rare.

The male has a wingspan of about 44 mm and both forewings and hindwings are pure white. The female is larger (wingspan about 48 mm) and has yellowish-buff forewings with darker linear markings and brown hindwings. The adults fly from June to August and are attracted to light.

The Ghost Moth gets its name from the display flight of the male, which hovers, sometimes slowly rising and falling, over open ground to attract females. In a suitable location several males may display together in a lek.

The larva is whitish and maggot-like and feeds underground on the roots of a variety of wild and cultivated plants (see list below). The species can be an economically significant pest in forest nurseries.

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