Soulless Sands

Soulless Sands

Deserts filled with the last remains of Saint Lydia’s demon-slaying. The bones of dead demon-lords as well as their surviving kin linger in the sandy nothingness. It is a complete mystery why they remain or why they cannot leave.

cov suab puam muaj tsis muaj tus plig

Dalbergin River

Lake Blackmare


Fort Dejmeej (Clearwater, abyssal)

Fort Hlau (Iron, abyssal)

Schutzdämon Clan; Maeluth

Six Pillars of Shaydis: Some say, in an unspecified area of the desert, are six stone pillars of an evil sort surrounding an alter. The demons consider this place holy, but as to what its function is, only the insane know.

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