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Sophosium was the capital of the Aquarian Empire, but has since been reduced to haunted ruins.

Once the affluent cultured city of the Aquarian Empire, after the Moonfall the city began to collapse through corruption and disease. Watching their city collapse, a group of elite city watchmen vowed to never abandon their city and forever guard it. And so, they fulfill their duties even beyond the veil of death. If any living creature appears within the boundary of Sophosium, they attack, pouring out of solid columns and walls to drain the life of the intruder.

Undying guardians are not the only threat to living raiders; the Fumos Fever still lingers in the area. A strange disease that causes the victim to go blind and inscrutably cough up smoke. Because of this, no one has ever confirmed the claims of the treasure trove hidden beneath the city ruins.


Originally seven local cities that then entered into a league.

  • Aqualon
  • Angusti
  • Caliga
  • Asyluma
  • Isthuma
  • Cornicula
  • Amosa

Aqualon was the original city state of the kingdom, but it was destroyed. Sophosium was built on the other side of the river, leaving the ruins behind. The ruins are seen as blessed and peaceful. It also serves as a graveyard for the honored dead. It is a place of remembrance and glory.


When? How? Why? By whom?


  • Acropolis
  • Gymnasium
  • Agora
  • Rotunda
  • Arena
  • Circus
  • Temple
  • Collumnade
  • Arcade
  • Palace
  • Senate
  • Baths
  • Academy
  • Arch


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