Sleeping Plague of 1376

The Sleeping Plague of 1376 was a sudden affliction of magical sleep that befell eastern Ilefain in the winter of 1376 NS.


A vast majority of the populous in the afflicted area became tired, showing signs of exhaustion and easily fell asleep. Those afflicted could be woken up, but many fell asleep with no one around to do so. Falling asleep while performing certain tasks lead to many injuries and deaths.

The dreams or nightmares of certain individuals manifested themselves physically in the material realm.

Those of elf blood were not affected.

A small percentage of the population reported hearing a sound, as if a far off whistle was playing a song. This song was able to be confirmed by others. This lead some to believe this plague is connected with the Deathsong Plague.


The plague begins

Black mages are deployed

Stewart of Lindblum, rupert-purple-v and Samantha Gen met with several consultants in Lindblum soon after how widespread the outbreak was understood. A special task force of Atheldene black mages were sent to find the cause of the plague. Lead by Samantha Gen herself.


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