Síobadh Túr

Síobadh Túr was once the capital city of An Tuath, having fallen to the troll kingdom of Trollebotten in 1368 NS.


The Time of Falling Leaves

Bringing Down the Wards

Troll Occupation

Onórach Mythal

It controls the magical wards surrounding the city. Also allows eladrin to fey step at will inside the city.


Main Gate Area


Noble Marketplace

Seedy Area

Feylock place

Military Training Yards

Royal District

Home to Moonsong Palace (Caisleán Gealachamhrán), the royal palace, featuring the sentient sacred tree, Leanbhceap, which controls all magic in the city.

Dungeon under palace

The holy forge, Cathtine is home to the magic anvil Díliscloch. The forge is dedicated to Cathcróga, the aspect of Dhanni that shapes what it grows.

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