Sinibaldo the Nomad

Sinibaldo the Nomad was hierophant of the Church of Light during the Second Hellgate War.


Early life and travels

An adventurer and a poet, he introduced oil painting in Nicoboa. He was also an ambassador to the halfling islands. He was also a supporter of Salvatorian independence.

He lived in Nicoboa for five years, painting many scenes of the islands. He wrote Informe sobre el estado de Nicoboa (A Report on the State of Nicoboa).



Had a focus on the secular world and took part in the affairs of kings.

Council of Chimeras

A council held in Firaga.

The Voices of Sinibaldo

He began hearing voices as a madman would. He reported that they told him the most strange things. The phrase "the voices of Sinibaldo" means to do something nonesensical without any known reason.

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