Siverstorstad is a city in Midgard, along the border of Jotumheim. It stands mostly deserted atop a mountain overlooking the Plains of Chaos. It was established by the gods, In agreement with the mortal races. In the wake of the Jotunkreig to serve as the bastion of the champions and guardians of Silverstorstad, as provided for In the Paragon Compact.

Population: 2. At Its height, Silverstorstad boasted a population of approximately 15,000. Representatives of nearly every race could be found somewhere In the city, and hundreds of visitors regularly streamed through the gates In the days when Silverstorstad was alive and the Nerath empire was young and vital.

Government: The human wizard Gunbjorg serves as the last guardian and champion of Silverstorstad. His loyal seneschal Rytande remains in his service and cares for the city as best he can. In the past. the city was administered by the lord Proctor and a council of seneschals. and the Champions of Silverstorstad provided advice and protection as warranted.

Defense: In addition to the Champions of Silverstorstad. who numbered as many as 20 during the city's heyday, an army of volunteers drawn from both the torrians and the members of other races who pledged their lives and service to the city. Today, only Gunbjorg and Rytande remain, as well as the city's many arcane and divine defenses that keep the place protected from all but the more determined and powerful attacks.

Inns: None of the inns that once served visitors so well still operate within Silverstorstad's hallowed wails. Rytande does keep guest apartments In the Salavmästerskapet clean and prepared should new champions appear at the gates as In days of old. The once·famous Silver Cloak Inn and the notorious Inn of the Forgotten Guardian still stand in silent readiness, awaiting the day when the city returns to life.

Taverns: Rytande keeps one tavern open, despite the lack of customers. The doors in the Skratthinder remain open, and the torrian keeps a few barrels of ale and casks of mead on hand for when Gunbjorg requires refreshment or should new champions arrive to fulfill requirements of the compact. Other taverns that once overflowed with revelers include the Divine Fountain, the Champion's Chalice, and the Worthy Alehouse.

Supplies: When Silverstorstad was alive and vibrant, the Wondrous Market regularly set up Stalls and tents in the Gateyard. Other shops could be found in the Temple Marketplace that filled the area between the Gryningtempel and the Salavmästerskapet. Today, Rytande maintains a small stash of supplies in the Guardian's Tower for Gunbjorg.

Trade: Once, Silverstorstad conducted a vibrant trade with many cities in Midgard. Today, no traders pass through Silverstorstad's looming gates.

Temples: The Gryningtempel honors all the gods that participated in the Jotunkreig and had a hand In the Paragon Compact.

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