Sigurt Kraemer
Sigurt Kraemer
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Ackerburg, Vatharond
Date of Birth 1324 NS
Date of Death 1368 NS (stone church)
Home Ackerburg (during youth),
Siobadh Tur (during marriage),
Dammburg (as lash)
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color D. Brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Kraemer Family
Occupation Healer,
Loyalty ?

Sigurt Kraemer was a Vathroni herbalist, wrestler and adventurer. Several accounts tell of him slaughtering as many as 20 or more armed eladrin single-handedly and even dispatching a savage displacer beast bare-handed with relative ease. In spite of this, he was considered a healer, and was invited to Siobadh Tur to learn the secrets of eladrin medicine.

He was born the youngest of three brothers, who teased him constantly, giving Sigurt a great deal of anger growing up. Later in life, he married the eladrin princess Ionuin. They had a son together, the half-eladrin Merrium Kraemer.


Early Life

The Blood Ape

Once, when exploring Grosseben Wood, Sigurt encountered a great Blood Ape. Though their battle was fierce, there was no victor. Both parties swallowed their pride and retreated.

The Elven Princess

Life in An Tuath


Free Will Regained


Sigurt's closest ally was Bors Riverstone, seeing him as a spiritual brother. He was also great friends with Fritz Wolheim, the goat herder, and his family.

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