Signum Maleficium
The Signum Maleficium

The Signum Maleficium a type of Apotropaic mark, branded on the face of magic users throughout the Age of Empires.

After the fall of the Midans, the founders of Sophosium and the Aquarian Empire were mostly made up of the Viresian dragonborn and the lower classed Midans. As with many of the founding ideals of the Aquarians, magic was to be open to all who had the ability or desire.

As the dragonborn become integrated into society, and reverence of dragons once again came to the forefront of human culture, the first sorcerers came into existence. Unfortunately the arrival of these dangerous and uneducated wielders of magic caused a sudden shift in the Aquarians view of magic. Sorcerers were forced to bear the Signum Maleficium to mark them as natural magicians. The mark, however, did not cause the wearer to bear a stigma, in fact later on it was a badge of pride, so much so that many wizards also chose to carry the mark.

The Mark

The mark itself consists of four vertacle scars above the left eye and six vertacle scars below. The bottom scar nearest to the ear has an additional horizontal line towards the ear.

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