Sholas is a plant called by the elves arduniad balog ("nymph tongues"). It is a semi-mythical plant that only grows in the Twilithe.


The parsley-shaped root is often branched. This root gives off at the surface of the ground leaves resembling those of the tobacco-plant. There spring a number of whitish-green flowers, nearly 2 inches broad, which produce succulent, orange to red berries, resembling small tomatoes. All parts of the sholas plant are poisonous to non-fey

Bliacrann Trees

If the root is ingested by a non-fey, then the root takes hold inside the subject and begins a horrible transformation. This transformation begins the next sunrise and completes the next sunset wherein the subject will have turned entirely into a tree, known as the Bliacrann.

There is no known cure for this transformation after the sunrise, however, the process is halted if the subject enters the sunless Twilithe, but if they should ever return, the transformation would continue. Also, if the subject were to enter the Twilithe before the sunrise, the root merely dies and the subject is cured.

When a Bliacrann tree is created, it bears the bliain fruit, holding within it the remaining years of the subject's life.

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