Shipwrights' Guild

The Shipwrights' Guild is a trade guild responsible for the regulation of shipbuilding, controlling, for instance, wages and labour conditions. They were closely associated with religious activities, notably in support of chantry chapels and churches and the observance of ceremonies, notably the mystery plays.

The Shipwrights' Guild, unlike other guilds, has not received a royal charter because maritime trade by definition was never confined within the boundaries of Nora; instead a corporate body of shipwrights grew over time; thus the company's status is considered as being incorporated "by prescription". By contrast a royal charter was issued to the "Master, Wardens, and Commonalty of the Art or Mystery of Shipwrights". This led to a dispute about jurisdiction between the two companies, which was resolved when the Master's "charter" was cancelled.

Ever since 150 years ago, the guild continues to enjoy a special connection with the House of Alexandros, several of whom are liverymen today; Prince Errin was installed as prime warden when he turned eleven.

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