Shinaelestra’s inhabitants have allowed the city to
retreat before the wilderness. Shinaelestra is a city
of rangers, and they long ago decided to let the forest
reclaim the ancient walls. Many of Shinaelestra’s
towers are broken, barely rising above the thick overgrowth
of the forest. Stands of trees rise from within
roofless mansions, and many streets are impassable
beneath thick overgrowth. However, the wilderness
encroachment is a harmonious fall into ruin.

Every midnight, Shinaelestra shimmers into
existence deep in the mortal realm’s Howling
Forest. Its rangers take advantage of this savage
hunting ground, patrolling the depths of the
black forest and pitting themselves against the
mortal monsters who hunt its twisted paths.
When dawn comes, Shinaelestra worldfalls
back to the Feywild.
The ranger Lord Calenon Thray governs
Shinaelestra lightly. Some say he is the greatest
eladrin ranger of them all. In the lands surrounding
the city, Calenon personally trains
a select few to become the most devout of the
Feywild’s protectors. Those mortals who seek to
master the ways of the ranger often make a pilgrimage
to Shinaelestra to train with the ranger
lord. Calenon welcomes all who manage to find
the eladrin city, since the perils of the Howling
Forest discourage—sometimes lethally—all but
the worthy candidates.

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