Shelby is a town in Ten Horns. Sitting along the river. Famous for its burning waters pond. all fire in the town limits burns a bright yellow. No road leads to the town.

previously was a town of industry, now a centre for the arts. a gothic town, filled with hidden horrors, deep caverns run under the city. historical elven massacre; dark clouds haunt the town, people have secrets, starlocks hide amoung them; jewelery industry; elritch city layout; a good bridge that is loved by the city and the OTHER bridge that no one uses and is scared of; lotus eaters; haunting music of eldritch bards; serial killer bard, enchanting young people with sexual whispers, being driven by whispers from beyond; one writer / starlock / possible genius loci sees further than all the others and seeks to create a gate to the stars using an already built landmark gateway, is connected to the detective from melda arch, they are rivals; old church on the hill that no one goes into; ley lines?; prominant hospital and mental asylum;

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