Shaydis is one of the twelve higher gods, twin to Kira, and god of darkness, snakes, chaos, lust and the kitchen. She is a frequent lover of both legeon and Kalabrath, though she is barren. However, she can create fatherless children from her shadow.

She looks kindly on Damien and comforts him when he is distraught. She is associated with mourning representing the shadow that is left when a person departs.

Most of her clergy are female. Shaydis is the patron of feminism. She encourages females to break free from male constraints. Prostitution is seen as a common form of females taking power for themselves. She considers sex with her priestesses as a form of worship, but costs are usually high. She forbids her worshipers from eating pork.

Vain, ill tempered and easily jealous, she dislikes anyone disrupting her plans. However, she enjoys festivals and has many throughout the year, always starting at sunset. She is often said to visit newborn babes to bestow upon them a gift. Her kindness towards newborns is said to be from her twin, Kira. Shaydis's relationship with her twin is complex as they are antagonistic to each other, but occasionally work together to solve problems.

She is the ruler of the Shadowvast which lurks below Dar-Kunor; In a darkness beyond darkness.

Shaydis is portrayed as a thinly cloaked beautiful woman with a hypnotic gaze. She usually has black wings and hair down longer than her feet. Her hair is able to bring the dead back to life.

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