Sharbach Dun
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Sharbach Dun
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Size Small Town
Location Caltirech
Ruler Kelana Vaughn
Population 1,400
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Sharbach Dun is a lake side town in Caltirech. Built among the ruins of the eladrin kingdom of Tir Maith, the town of Sharbach Dun is a trade outpost that lies at the shore of a lake. The town’s most renowned feature is the Moon Door, a portal to the Feywild that opens when the moon is full and the sky is clear.

Kelana Vaughan is the Baron of the area. Her son was Ethan Vaughan, a notable adventurer. Only one of Ethan's band survived the forey into the Ironwood, and that was Amown the Ebon Scribe.

two rival groups warring,


major fire 300 years ago,


The peninsula on which Sharbach Dun was built starts as rocky hills jutting up from the river at its westernmost tip. The western high ground is heavily settled, with the population thinning to the east as the ground slopes away. There, the town gives way to fertile farmland that borders the swamps of the Ironwood.


elf population,

Just over a thousand people live in and around Sharbach Dun. With the river serving as a natural protective barrier on two sides, the town has grown up rather than out, and multistory buildings are common.


Sharbach Dun is led by a half-elf mayor, Kelana Vaughn. Her primary focus is in maintaining the town’s prosperity through trade, and her leadership is more about commerce than security. As a result, the town watch is small and poorly equipped. The monsters to the east have long been quiet, but Sharbach Dun is ill equipped to deal with the new power in the Ironwood.

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