Shao Wei

Shao Wei, often referred to by Norans as Shay, is an ancient land to the far east. It is filled with elemental spirit callers, warriors who walk on the wind and a race known as the spellscales. With the capital at Dong Jin, the current empire was established by the first Dragon Emperor T'ien Bù Zhan, based on the teachings of the spiritual leader, Shao Shui.

Shao Wei is divided into eight kingdoms:


The First Kingdoms

Early Bù Dynasty

Late Bù Dynasty

Wèi Dynasty and the Peace Wars

Emperor Zhan Shi


Mount Penglai

Mountain of the Korobokuru





The standard currency is the curved ring-shaped silver Ké (贝), made of ten flat ringed bronze Dan (石贝). In turn, ten ke makes one spade-shaped golden Wūguī (烏龜贝). The rare knife-shaped golden Dāo (刀贝) is worth one hundred wugui and is a restricted currency.

One hundred Ke is often grouped together on a string and is called a Chuàn (串贝), or chuan ke.

Coin Name Worth (Ke) Physical description notes
Dan (石贝) 1/10 ke bronze, flat ring -
Ké (贝) 1 ke silver, curved ring can be strung together to 100 per string
Wūguī (烏龜贝 10 ke gold, spade -
Chuàn (串贝) 100 ke 100 ke on a string -
Dāo (刀贝) 1000 ke gold, knife restricted currency

Arts and Literature





Fighting Arts

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