“In the beginning, the gods created the Heavens and the World, and the world was a formless void, and darkness covered the face of the deep. But the darkness wasn’t empty. It was full of creatures, full of demons."

Said to be infinite in depth, the windswept chasm that makes up the abyss is frightening to behold on its own. The horror of the plane is added with the uncountable number of demons that flood over its surface and fly its skies.

A horrific sphere called the Darkstar devours all light, sweeping the Abyss into perpetual darkness. This is the source of negative energy.

Many people believe the Shadowvast to be an empty expanse where the souls of the damned float away, never to be seen again. While this is partially true, in the case of the Black Fields, the realm has many distinguishing features that some may call interesting, and others call horrifying.


The Black Fields

Shadowed Fen

A horrifying forest of ancient evil. It is filled with cannibals and bar-lgura. It is home to the temple that leads to the prison.

Wall of Torment

Pit of Hate

Gossamer Misery

Made entirely of strands of spider webs, this horrific level is home to all manners of arachnid creatures.

The Darkstar

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