Shades were normal humanoids who have merged with the essence of the Shadowvast causing their souls to be corrupted with the essence of shadowstuff to become gloom incarnate. They become tainted with dark thoughts and a darker disposition. While still retaining the shape of their original species, they have grown in power by joining with this shadowstuff. Interestingly, those with psionic ability lose this power after their transformations and have never reclaimed it.

These creatures were first created by the wildly fluctuating energies during the Battle of the Shadow Bridge on Solvos, 1378.


The Becoming

Between the 1st and 12th of Sephir, roughly 200 people within 70 miles of the city of Calori began their transformations into Shades.


Shades resemble their original human selves, though they lost their native vitality to the event that turned them into slender creatures of shadow. Their darkness-piercing eyes become orbs of dull black, dark gray, or purple. Their coloring takes on subdued hues, with most shades having pale skin and lank, black hair. Shades prefer dark, somber clothing of silk, suede, or supple leather, decorated with brass and iron. Their metal weapons and tools are coated with special oils that dull any sheen or reflection.

Notable Shades

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