The shadar-kai, or shadow fey, are the scattered remnants of a once numerous and proud race. They have little more than a handful of cells throughout Nora, though tightly knit. They search for a cure to their curse, usually infiltrating wizard’s guilds and schools for young and foolish arcanists to help them in their goal and disposing of the ones that lose their usefulness. Less than half their ilk even knows about Blackrune Keep, the ancestral home of the Shadar-kai, a towering black building within Ashwood, hidden by shadow illusionist magic.

However, within the last few years, the activity in the Ashwood has increased and the shadow fey are returning home in great numbers, their inner fire rekindling. The Daughter of Shadow has promised them freedom. All she has asked in abject slavery and the shadar-kai are not above anything to earn their release.

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