Severing War
Severing War
Date 1372 - Ongoing
Location Vatharond, Tir'Ein, Ten Horns
Vatharond Allied Kingdoms of Nora
Commanders and leaders
Sergei vel'Fitigern
Yzen Dragonskull
Aleksander vel'Heerser
Ozark Quarzkolben
Two Trees
Amerigo es'Porano
Silas Valligan
Aurrigo Dolore
Reizahn Fortress - Alexandria
Against the Elder of Annhilation
Shadow Bridge - At the Black Dragon

The Severing War, also known as the Wizard War, is an ongoing conflict between the Allied Kingdoms of Nora and the Brotherhood of Vatharond. The War was officially declared by Garnet XVII on Kithal 28, 1372 after the Battle of Alexandria.

The war was largely caused by the military campaign of the Black Dragons lead by Sergei vel'Fitigern.



Beornin of the Blue Dragon dies and leaves Bjergen, his son, as king of Vatharond.


Bjergen is killed by an Earth Titan at age 16 while taking a regular trip into the Wyrmspires. He leaves no heirs. The Vathroni nobles begin fighting over succession.


Vatharond asks the Noran crown to moderate the situation. The High Crown asks Kristopher Loria to go, but he sends his younger brother, Nicolas Loria, instead.


Due to the mediation of Nicolas Loria, Ioan Alexandru is crowned king and swears fealty to the Noran Crown. This is done to much controversy, Ioan Alexandru is a noted supporter of Nicolas Loria and of the Noran Crown. Over the next year, several Vathroni forts are given over to Noran military control, taxes are raised, and the duties of civil protection of western Vathroni cities are given to Noran military.


Vatharond forces, lead by Sergei the Giant Killer, takes back all the forts from Noran control save four. These are held ransom. Nora tries to send supplies to one of these forts, but the civilian supply ship is attacked and sunk.

Nora openly invades to create a route to evacuate the people in these forts, but are routed and pushed back. The Vatharond onslaught follows these forces past Hammerstock, into Ten horns, all the way to the walls of Alexandria. There, they are finally defeated and as the route back is lightly manned, the Vatharond forces quickly move far back and hold at Hammerstock.


list of known participants in the Severing War

Battle at Reizahn Fortress (1372)

see Battle at Reizahn Fortress

Vatharond Victory

Fall of Forty Flags (1372)

Vatharond Victory. In a span of ten days or so, around forty fortresses fell due to uprising of the Brotherhood of Vatharond.

Battle of Rosewood Hill (1372)

Vatharond Victory. Battle occuring outside Hammerstock. Vatharond seized the city before quickly moving on in order to attack Alexandria with as little preparation as possible.

Battle of Alexandria (1372)

see Battle of Alexandria

Noran Victory

Battle Against the Elder of Annihilation (1373)

see Battle Against the Elder of Annihilation

Noran Victory

Battle of the Shadow Bridge (1378)

see Battle of the Shadow Bridge

Noran Victory. Beginning of the Shadowspill and the founding of the Shadow Crusade.

Battle at the Black Dragon (1379)

see Battle at the Black Dragon

Vatharond Victory. Near Pyropus Insuadibilis.

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