Seska Materez
Seska Materez-Paneira
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Los Torres, Ilefain
Date of Birth 1348 NS
Home Casa es'Orñelos
Los Torres, Ilefain
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) Magister
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Golden (currently)
previously hazel
Family Information
Family Members House es'Orñelos
Occupation Magister of Los Torres
Wizard Circle The Acadamae
Loyalty ?

Seska Materez-Paneira is the wife of Master Andreu es'Orñelos. She is the current Magister of Los Torres and the Matron of House es'Orñelos.


Summoning a Retriever

After accepting the mission, Daevon and Stitch insisted they speak with Archmage es’Orñelos. Andreu took them north to the Acadamae, where the archmage serves as headmaster. Inside the walls Andreu was greeted by Seska Materez, an underclassman. She was eager to seek praise from Andreu, but soured when he asked her to tell Headmaster es’Orñelos that they were coming to see him. She ran off and by the time they arrived within the Hall of Summoning, she was visibly culled. Seska told them he was ready.

After Seska was humiliated by the headmaster, she sought to impress Andreu by summoning a retriever with a scroll of Greater Planar Binding she stole weeks ago. Woefully unprepared to handle the powerful magic, she botched the casting. The spell went horribly awry, and the retriever, when it manifested in the classroom, greatly injured Seska with a blast of electricity from one of its eyes, creating an explosion and scream that caught the attention of Andreu and the others coming out of the headmaster's office.

Courting Lord es'Orñelos

Magister of Los Torres

Powers and Abilities


Seska is a passable spellcaster at best. No one in the city of Los Torres pretends that she has the position of Magister through any means other than marriage to her husband.

Appearance and Personality

Seska has several visible scars due to the incident with the retriever when she was in the Acadamae.

She has been described as ambitious.

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