Sergei vel'Fitigern
Sergei vel'Fitigern
Biographical Information
Location of Birth near Grenmore,
Date of Birth 1345 NS
Home Grenmore
Alias(es) The Giant Killer
The Oathbreaker
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members Incart vel'Sybrant
Gerlof vel'Fitigern (son)
Sybren vel'Fitigern
Occupation Freedom Fighter
Loyalty Vatharond
The Black Dragons

"A tower of a fellow as strong as an ox, of dark complexion, broad shouldered, with a long red beard. A natural rough humorist, who through unfortunate circumstances was recast into an awful brute. Out of personal revenge for the bloody injustice that befell him with the killing of kinsfolk and destruction of his property he became a freedom fighter of legendary standing."
Cade Summersong

Sergei vel'Fitigern, best known by his Noran nickname "the Oathbreaker", (he is also called Sergei the Giant Killer in Vatharond) is a Vatharoni freedom fighter and the leader of the Black Dragons and the Brotherhood of Vatharond army.


Early Years

Sergei was born in 1345 near the city of Grenmore in Vatharond. He was one of four children born to simple Vathroni farmers descended from the chieftain line of the Stone Hand Clan. Sergei's mother is the daughter of the Westencairn nobleman, Incart vel'Sybrant. Sergei married and had two children, Gerlof and Sybren.

Severing War

In the early parts of the Severing War, a Noran military regiment in the service of Sir George of Brehr known as the Black Band were sent to suppress the rising aggressions in the Vathroni populace. The Black Band were notorious as a violent military force; when their pay was insufficient or lacking, they would extract payments from local villagers and one winter, the Black Band plundered Sergei's village, then allegedly raped and killed his wife, and burnt to the ground both the village church and Sergei's home. Seeking revenge, Sergei started a guerrilla war campaign against the Noran military occupation.

Sergei's armed band, known as the Black Dragons, were warriors mainly active against the Norans within Vatharond. He managed to capture many Noran forts and soon his battle lead him to the famous Battle of Alexandria where he was routed back to headquarter in Hammerstock.

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