Deunym ?
Home Realm Twilithe
Portfolio Fey, Winter, Death
Worshipers Fey
Notable Temples ?
Colors Blue, Black
Servants Deathless, Wintershard Fey

Seonbas (sawn-bay), known as the Winter King or the Prince of Frost, is an archfey of the Cianna. He is often seen as the opposite of Myronbane. Narrow of build, pale, and light-haired, the Prince of Frost has a smile that does not warm. He is not unnecessarily cruel, but he has not an ounce of mercy in his heart. He allies with other archfey only when facing the direst of threats. The Prince of Frost prefers to deal with his enemies quickly and viciously, with little regard for collateral damage. For some inscrutable reason, the Prince of Frost holds mortals in utter contempt. Although he appears content for now to rule his lands in the Feywild, rumors constantly circulate that he plots to freeze the entire mortal world into one long, eternal glacial age.

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His symbol is an antlered and fanged deer skull with the moon between its antlers dangling with icicles.

Often depicted with antlers and armor. His symbol is the moon, opposed by Myronbane's sun. Darkness, the underground, snow, ice are all his symbols. He often wears a mask of a fanged deer.

Feast Day

Seonbas was known to regularly send spirits of the dead into the living world as his heralds. Festivals in his honour were held near the end of the year, in Winter, when time was coming to the very end of world order, chaos was growing stronger, the borders between worlds of living and dead were fading, and ancestral spirits would return amongst the living. It is known as Oíche Mhór (Great Night).

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