In the center of the Feywild’s primeval forest grows
a massive stand of ancient silver trees. The forest at
the base of these trees seems completely undisturbed.
A glance upward reveals nothing but the shining
columns of the trunks rising into mist. No sound can
be heard but the rustle of leaves and the chitter of
wildlife. This silver grove is Senaliesse, the home of
Queen Tiandra.
Guests of the Summer Queen wait patiently
here until eladrin rangers appear from the green
shadows. Once the all-clear is given, a rope elevator
descends from the mists above. Visitors then endure a
breathtaking—and terrifying—ride on the open elevator
platform up to high into the treetops. Long after
they’ve completely lost sight of the ground, guests
breach the canopy and arrive in the rambling palace
of Tiandra, the Summer Queen. The palace sprawls
out through the tops of countless gigantic oaks and
yews. Tree limbs wide enough for several humans to
walk comfortably abreast span the space between the
silver trees. Visitors use these main avenues, although
a web of thin rope walkways also connects branches
high and low. The thought of a fatal fall from such
treacherous footholds is too daunting for most.
Senaliesse lacks the signature crystal stone of all
other eladrin cities. It is composed completely of
living wood coaxed by Lord Oran to form walls, archways,
and roadways high in the fey tree branches.
The centerpiece of the palace is Tiandra’s Chamber,
a soaring proscenium of twisting green leaves overhanging
a throne made of green summer branches
and bounteous cascades of flowering scented vines.
If Queen Tiandra is inclined to receive audience,
hundreds of creatures can mingle comfortably in the
room within. The sheer size of this proscenium is
why Senaliesse has become the prime location for the
irregular meetings of the Court of Stars. The Court
meets here so often now that even on days when no
archfey lords are present, scores of courtiers and
ambassadors can be found here negotiating, gossiping,
and scheming under the arch.
Guest houses in the high branches of the nearby
trees are home to an eclectic mix of archfey, eladrin
nobles, and ambassadors of other fey races. Queen
Tiandra is the sole controlling authority, and she does
not dabble with civic detail. Representatives from
various eladrin houses rule the immediate area of
their embassy residences.
One should not think that Tiandra’s home is
a town or city as mortals understand it, however.
Creatures of immortal power gather to confer in this
place. Although a few basic guest services have been
set up for those summoned to Senaliesse at Tiandra’s
will, it is not meant to be a place where ordinary
eladrin may dwell for any length of time.

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