Second House of Therosin
Second House of Therosin
Coat of Arms ?
Words We Know
Seat Castle Parch, Ilefain
Current Patron Oscar Therosin
Region Coranthe
Title(s) ?
Heir ?
Overlord House Purple
Cadet Branches House Leociel
Ancestral Weapon Monstretolir
Founder George Therosin IV

Second House of Therosin (THER-o-sahn) is the ruling house of Coranthe. The house was put in place by Alexander during the founding years of the Allied Kingdoms of Nora.


House Therosin

see House Therosin

Dissolved during the War of Coranthian Dukes


Placed back into power by Alexander for their service during the War Against the Darkness.


Children of the Therosin family are often asked to find the satyr hidden in the arms. Those who can are often fostered to the House of Ravenwing.

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