Schools are centers of learning found throughout Nora. They come in three basic types; Gymnasiums, Wizard Academies and Universities.


Before the Allied Kingdoms of Nora were founded, education was largely relegated to monasteries, which were mostly concerned with the performing the liturgy and prayer; relatively few monasteries could boast true intellectuals.

Initially universities did not have a campus. Classes were taught wherever space was available, such as churches and homes. A university was not a physical space but a collection of individuals banded together as an universitas. Soon, however, some universities began to buy or rent rooms specifically for the purposes of teaching.

The first university campus was Eastgrove University in Flute, Canstice.


The gymnasium functions as a training facility for the military or private students of the martial arts who are encouraged in warlike tastes, duties of camp life, and forced marches that promoted the bodily strength needed to use weapons and ensured the fortitude required to endure hardship. It was also a place for socializing and engaging in intellectual pursuits.

It is a public institution where athletes received training in physical exercises. The supervision of the gymnasiums was entrusted to weaponmasters, who are public officials responsible for the conduct of their students as well as the teachers, coaches, and trainers of the warriors. The gymnasiums also hold lectures and discussions on philosophy, literature, and music, with public libraries nearby.

The most famous gymnasium is the Field of Blades in Alexandria.

Wizard Academies

Arcane schools are rarely founded and rarely survive long. Masters of the arcane arts are protective of their power. When one does found a school, its very nature attracts danger. Rivals seek revenge upon the instructors or headmasters for real or imagined slights. Governments feel threatened by the assemblage of power and act on those fears. Even the curriculum can sometimes destroy the school, such as when the Halls Recondite folded itself into the Far Realm through an accident of research and left behind only a spatial distortion that remains today. In the world of the arcane, schools gain reputation by surviving through the years.


The university is an institution of higher learning for the study of arts, law, medicine, and theology.

The Four Universities

The Four Universities are the most prestigious centers of education in Nora.

The Four are:

Ancient University

This term is given to the universities of Ilefain that have existed for 500 years or more. There are currently seven in existence.

List of Universities by date of founding

Name City Region Kingdom Founded Notes
Eastgrove University Flute _ Canstice 88 NS Founded by Tavish ket Alexander.
University of Jaress Jaress _ Ilefain 90 Was destroyed in 229 NS during the Jaress Nightmare. The first major disaster caused by a university. Rebuilt in 870.
The Astrid University of Classical Learning White City _ Ilefain 96 Site of the Sage Riots in 355 and the discovery of half of the faculty taken over by aberrations in 825.
University of Firaga Firaga _ Canstice 175 Was abandoned in 338 due to funding issues. It wasn't refounded until 985.
The King's University Rest _ Ilefain 209 Founded by scholars leaving Astrid University. These two schools have been rivals ever since.
University of Arcas Arcas _ Ilefain 218 Disbanded by Royal Decree in 1152
The Hidden Garden University Melda Arch _ Ilefain 222 Founded by students leaving Eastgrove University.
University of Oxley Oxley _ Canstice 224 Founded by Royal decree. Closed and reopened many times.
University of Athipel Athipel _ Ilefain 229 Founded by the Duke of Allure. Was closed 793-1196.
University of Blanc Blanc _ Canstice 240 Originally called Deipero Stadium
Mydigg University Castle Parch _ Ilefain 289 Specializes in Law. Was founded in heavy thanks due to the elves of Gloomshine Forest.
Valaren University Valaren _ Ilefain 290 Originally only for human women, was opened up to all students in 588.
Chaudron University Chaudron _ Tir'Ein 300 Was closed in 717 due to decree by the Domnitor of Ibben, but reopened in 1351.
Mt. Leshal University Valtur _ Vatharond _ _
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