Sangar Zolmir II
Sangar Zolmir II
Biographical Information
Location of Birth Ackerburg, Vatharond
Date of Birth 1349 NS
Alias(es) Wren (Timothy)
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members A'lia Zolmir (daughter)
Aldaen (Father)
Michelle (Mother)
Occupation Adventurer
Loyalty Order of the Firebringer

"O, he is the courageous captain of compliments. He fights as you sing prick-song, keeps time, distance, and proportion; rests me his minim rest, one, two, and the third in your bosom: the very butcher of a silk button, a duellist, a duellist; a gentleman of the very first house, of the first and second cause: ah, the immortal passado!"

Sangar Zolmir II is a Vathroni adventurer, part of the Zolmir Family. He is the son of Aldaen and Michelle Zolmir, but was raised by Anton Halfhand aboard the Triton's Fork for the early parts of his life.


Early Life


Traveling in Tir'Ein

Fighting the Order of Praavda

Forging of the Siobadh Tur blades

Duel on Bloody Island

A duel with Alexei Skulsky.

Destroying the Order of Praavda

Personality and Traits

Sangar believes that there is nothing a person cannot accomplish with a little guts and willingness to take risks. He lives for freedom for his own (and others') happiness. He loves the life of a traveler as there are few, if any, laws to restrict him and his potential. He feels that the life of a peasant or yeoman has too many restrictions and influence of authority to truly be free. He never needs others to get him on the road to seek adventure.

Living for the moment, Sangar generally looks to do whatever looks the most fun. Having an ever changing attention span also makes him flighty and always ready to take action. He is gregarious and cheerful, usually laughing and carousing in the middle of a festive crowd. He finds great value in wine, women, fighting and daring do.

He is very aware that actions have consequences and is not foolish enough to believe that those around him are immune to harm from his antics. A lot of his natural carelessness and gung-ho nature will vanish when it comes to the well being of friends and family. He also, while being almost shamelessly obsessed with women, is respectful and even a tad goofy around them. He has a hard time taking situations seriously and tends to avoid serious conversation as it makes him uncomfortable.

He'd never consider hurting someone unless they were actively in the process of harming others or committing wrongful actions and he won't pursue a female that has shown signs that they're not interested.

Sangar believes in actions speaking far louder than words. His family name and family in general is important to him indeed. He may never have known his father and his mother only barely before the time on the Triton's Fork, but the Zolmir legacy was ingrained in him and he values the idea of that name meaning something.

He constantly search for signs of surviving family members, hoping they weren't all killed by the Order of Praavda.

Powers and Abilities

Sangar is the consummate fencer. He is deadly skilled with his rapier and his wit. Though he shares little with the saber fighting styles of northern Vatharond, he is able to out duel any opponent he comes across.

Another valued ability of Sangar is his knowledge of the world. Being one of the only classically educated members of his group, Sangar's collection of trivial knowledge has helped him greatly. He has also studied local and foreign folktales and can recall them with a skill other skalds can only be jealous of.

He has also inherited the Zolmir gift of smithing. Sangar possesses the secret forging methods of the Zolmir family that allows him to forge blades unlike any others to be found in the world.


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