Sacred Stone Monastery
Sacred Stone Monastery
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Location Five Finger Mountains
Affiliation Cult of the Black Earth
House Caradoon
Construction ?-?
Destroyed ?
Creator ?
Associated Figures Renwick Caradoon

This “keep” is actually an old stone temple built in a rocky vale at the southern edge of the Sumber Hills. It was recently reborn as the Sacred Stone Monastery, home to reclusive monks dedicated to a mysterious “Way of the Sacred Stone,” which sages across Faerun have never heard of because it’s merely a cover for the Cult of the Black Earth.

The monastery is the surface stronghold of the earth cult, and it functions as the guarded entrance to the Temple of the Black Earth beneath it. All of the monks are earth cultists who are well aware of the true nature of the monastery.

The third of the Haunted Keeps of the Sumber Hills, the Sacred Stone Monastery is where the lich Renwick Caradoon chose to make his home, discouraging other monsters from settling nearby. The former keep has been reborn as the Sacred Stone Monastery, now home to a reclusive order of mysterious monks (actually earth cultists in disguise) who spend their days in meditation and rigorous exercises of self-discipline.

Few people in the area have heard of the Sacred Stone order. No one in the region knows the truth: the monastery now serves as the surface headquarters of the Black Earth cult and guards access to the unholy vaults of the Temple of Black Earth below.

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