Ronan d'Remaan
Ronan d'Remaan
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth ?
Date of Death (place) ?
Home ?
Alias(es) Lord of Blades
Title(s) Lord
Physical Description
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Family Information
Family Members House d'Remaan
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

Lord Ronan d'Remaan was the Lord of House d'Remaan. He was known as the Lord of Blades. He was the only child of Reynold d'Remaan and witnessed his death at the hands of a Coranthian. He was an exemplary warrior and tactician, but was a grim and solitary man. He felt the heavy burden of his position and grew tired of the political scene. He was resourceful, ruthless, talented and utterly loyal to his king. He was ever vigilant, always looking for threats to his kingdom and house.

Ronan was a slightly caustic man with dark complexion, black hair and brown eyes. He spoke rarely, and when he did it was in a whisper. His eyes never twinkled and he rarely, if ever, smiled. He wore a suit of spiked armor of grim visage when fighting, to frighten his opponents and to allow himself fully to the combat.


House d'Serre

Ronan came to the castle of House d'Serre, to visit the aggressive and ruthless Lord Reolus d'Serre. The Kingdom of Ibben, allies of the Kingdom of Erwynn, was the target of Lord Reolus's aggression. Ronan had been sent by King Saerus d'Garron to warn Lord Reolus to change his course of action upon menace of being outcast from the Erwynn. Lord Reolus had refused, saying only death would change his will, which truly happened. Lord Reolus was found in his chambers stabbed in the heart this night.

Lord and the War on the Dragonmaw

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