Rise of the Runelords
Cast of the Rise of the Runelords

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The Rise of the Runelords is a saga that begins in the town of Yorik on Ortlong of 1378 NS.

Burnt Offerings

  • Turey Caballo goes to Pontrev for business and does some trading to Rogendig for the next few days with two hirelings. There he meets Cold Steel and the two head back to Pontrev. Turey charges people to pet Cold Steel and makes lots of coin. Cold is unhappy about Turey's methods.
  • Tao Ábhaillí-Ravenwing arrives in Yorik by way of Pontrev and sets up a room at the Black Mountain where she finds Nu Quan dancing on a table top egged on by the tavern and she leaps into the arms of Faas Savich. She speaks with Nu and is intreiqued by her. She also speaks with Lord Aldern Foxglove, who finds her beautiful. He hopes to see more of her at the festival.

Celebration Day

  • Ruis Willowtree teaches a class outside the walls and has a class lunch there. There are only three students. He remains outside of town picking herbs until evening.
  • Turey and Cold Steel arrive in town and they set up lodgings in the Goblin Squash Stables. Turey goes to speak with the four houses, though they don't let him in. He tells them a ponicorn wishes to speak with them.
  • Lord Quan is ill.
  • Cold Steel shops at the Yorik Boutique and buys a feathered hat.
  • Turey speaks with Sheriff Hemlock, though the sheriff is busy. Turey also speaks with Mayor Delamontagne, who grants the ponicorn an audience.
  • Tao shops at the Yorik Fine Clothing and buys a nice dress for the festival.
  • Ruis Willowtree returns to town and takes in pickings to Nu Quan who uses them for spices.
  • Cold Steel speaks with the Mayor and assures her he is there not for invasion, but for helping out and engendering good relations.
  • Cold Steel and Faas help with festival preparation until well into the night.
  • Everyone gets up in the morning. Faas speaks with Father Zenden.
  • Everyone goes to the town square. There is a stage in front of the Academy with a podium and three mega phones.
  • First, Mayor Kendra Delamontagne speaks and thanks the financiers of the rebuilding. Foxglove waves in the crowd enjoying the attention. She announces the appearance of Cold Steel and asks that people treat him like a citizen.
  • Sheriff Balor Hemlock speaks and tells people of safety precautions. He is taciturn and dour.
  • A more lively Cyrdrak Drotske does a quick retelling of the rebuilding efforts and plugs the new play at the Yorik Theater, "The Harpy Queen" starring the famous Jarisian actor, Lowell Bridges. He introduces the next speaker;

"Our next and final speaker is a man who Yorik owes many debts. I saw him preparing a speech earlier and I was worried he'd take too much time, but he looked at me and said 'Don't worry, I'll be short.' Ladies and Gentlemen, Shamil Smoothhands."
- Cyrdrak Drotske, 1378

  • A student puts a set of stairs behind the podium and Shamil Smoothhands takes the podium mentioning they probably could have afforded a second podium. He Thanks the patrons of the Academy and the gods Yunis and Helos for the reconstruction of the Academy. He tells the crowd that today is also Ortlong and a day to remember the valient dead. He asks for a moment of silence for those who've died in the Late Unpleasentness. He declares the Celebration Day Festival open! And fireworks goes off and a brass band plays.
  • Turey works the crowd with Cold Steel.
  • Lord Foxglove meets with Tao and compliments her dress.
  • Lunch is served and a cooking competition goes on. Nu Quan of the Black Mountain Inn wins with her delicious curry.
  • Squaddie Xev wakes for his guard duty and is placed at the door of the Academy. He appreciates the shrewdness of Sheriff Hemlock, but is uncomfortable to be so visible.
  • Cold Steel takes a tour of the Academy and speaks with Professor Belleghas. The two speak about Cold Steel's origins and possible capabilities.
  • As Xev takes his guard duty, he sees a young boy standing in front of him. The boy asks why he is black. He tells the boy he's been cursed. The boys asks other questions bluntly and Xev answers him bluntly. The boy's mother soon comes, calling him Aeren and takes him away, giving Xev a cross look.
  • The brass band plays again as the sun goes down and Shamil takes the podium once more. He address, "Friends,"
  • But he is interrupted by the sound of a scream, followed by dog barks and other screams, the dog barks are silenced and goblins invade into the streets sending people into a panic.
  • Goblins come into the square and six brave souls go to meet them. First, Faas approaches, but is quickly cut down by a goblin's dogslicer.
  • The goblins were slain by the heroes, despite none being properly armed, save Xev, the Squaddie. Tao finds a pitchfork to use as a weapon. Ruis heals Faas.
  • Other goblins blow up the wagon full of fireworks and they are put to sleep by Cold Steel, the others go and finish them off in their slumber.
  • One goblin throws a torch at a woman being chased. It missed her and hits the chasing goblin, engulfing him in flames.
  • They hear a scream to the north and find Aldern Foxglove hiding behind a rain barrel with his foxhound Rufus defending him against a goblin mounted a top a goblin dog. The goblin is about to kill the dog, but is put to sleep by Cold Steel. The rest of the goblins are dispatched and Aldern thanks them, complimenting Tao on her "warrior's dance".
  • The rest of the goblins flee. Xev joins the town guard in flushing out the rest of the goblins. Ruis and Faas go help the injured.
  • Turey runs off to the stables to make sure his father is okay. He hears goblins screams from inside and raised voices. Turey and Cold Steel rush inside to see his father and others unsheathe their blade at the intruders. Turey sees a goblin tied to a spinning wheel with throwing blades around him. Turey's father decides to call the game quits and will give the live goblin to the Sheriff; teaching his son it is better to gain favors from authorities than gil.
  • Cold Steel tell Turey that his family is terrifying.
  • As days go by, the town begins to carry on until they can laugh at the event. No official word has been announced yet.
  • The six have been called the Goblin Slayers in town and have become celebrities.
  • They go visit Lord Foxglove at the Black Mountain. Nu is also there for the first time in several days as she said she was attending to family.
  • Aldern compliments them on their abilities and invites them to go on a boar hunt, all expenses paid, at a small wood to the west. They agree and Aldern claps in joy. He gives them a leather box with 50 gil inside to show his appreciation of saving not only his life, but that of Rufus, his prized hound.

The Glassworks

  • Xev is given a promotion by Sheriff Hemlock to Corporal and is given the day patrol in order to make him more visible to the people and capitalize on his new found celebrity.
  • Nu Quan takes Tao to the Glassworks to meet the foreman, Mr. Ewould Varick, though the glassworks was shut down for the week. He showed Tao the lantern frames they import from Jaress and the glass planes and bulbs they fit. She blew a bulb with precision and impressed Mr. Varick. He told her that if she needed work she could find it here when it kicks back up.
  • Cold Steel (along with Turey) was given audience with the Yorik Town Council in front of Lords Veldkamp, Savich, Delamontagne, Sheriff Hemlock, Headmaster Smoothhands and Professor Willowtree. Lord Quan was absent. He explained he was a forward herald for his people. The meeting was cold, but informative.
  • Faas was told to deliver lumber from the Yorik Mill to the General Store, still in repair from the fires. He spoke with Banny Harker and Ibor Thorn. Banny tells Faas that Mr. Vinder, the owner of the General Store has no love for him ever since he began seeing his daughter, Katrine Vinder. Banny asks if he could bow out from helping unload the lumber at the store, to which Faas agreed to and told the skinny Ibor that he didn't have to help either, to his relief. Banny asks Faas to deliver a note, but he refuses.
  • Faas goes to the general store and speaks with Mr. Vinder before he goes off to yell at the roof repairers. Faas takes off his shirt and unloads the lumber. He sees the Vinder girls inside the store, working. The eldest daughter, Sofie, notices him.
  • Later that night, Xev decides to switch his tavern from the Hagfish to the Black Mountain. The local Goblin Slayers drink at the Black Mountain. Sofie Vinder comes to the tavern and speaks with Faas, telling him she saw a giant rat in the cellar of the General Store and hoped he would come to take care of it. He joins her at the store, but only finds a cot and some wine in the cellar. Sofie seduces Faas. However, the scene is come upon by Mr. Vinder who was none too happy. Faas accepted this lecture and was forbidden from the General Store as well as his daughter.
  • The next morning, the Goblin Slayers met up with Lord Foxglove outside North Gate to find him, three of his manservants and enough horses and boar spears for a good day of hunting.


  • Glassworks goblin fight

  • Fu Sheng and Lodewyk.
  • Torture
  • Take Fu Sheng to Savich Estate
  • Get Smoothhands
  • Council meeting
  • Trial
  • Execution
  • Council meeting - go get the gobbies
  • Bandit fight

Fort Thistletop

  • Ruis finds goblin trails in the Bramblewood
  • Once inside the tunnels, Ruis searches the Howling Hole
  • Turey goes and sees the Birdcruncher goblins.
  • Turey tricks them into infighting, but their chief leaves before he is killed and Turey stabs him and runs.
  • Ruis is found by dogs
  • Turey kills the chief with a hand crossbow and runs back to the group.
  • Fight goblins and dogs
  • Suddenly, entanglement
  • Goblin druid escapes, goes to Howling hole
  • Xev is hurt badly by thrown flame and boar
  • Ruis is hurt by boar, but doesn't fall into the hole.
  • Xev knocks out the druid
  • They take his magical gear and interrogate the shaman
  • He tells them of the white haired woman and asks them not to kill more goblins
  • They rest for the night
  • Xev is on watch when Shael appears and they talk about the goblins and their current events. Shael leaves.
  • Due to Shael's advice, they wait for noon before beginning.
  • Xev makes himself appear as a hobgoblin and takes Turey across the bridge.
  • Goblins are confused.
  • The others begin to cross but the bridge collapses and Cold Steel is hung by the neck.
  • Xev orders the goblins to help and they fix the bridge.

  • A door off its hinges leads into a court yard and Cold Steel puts three to sleep, the other tries to snap through the door, but Ruis golf swings it with his scythe.
  • Turey finishes off the sleeping dogs and a door breaks open with a wild black horse. Xev feels a kinship with it and calms it down.
  • They circle south and Xev kills some sleeping goblins in a rickety tower. He also grabs some pickles in a barrel.
  • They come back to the courtyard and find horse supplies.
  • They go east to the barracks and tie up the sleeping goblins.
  • The other tower had two gobs playing cards, Xev defeats and sees all the complexe under him and sees the throne room.
  • Turey walks along the top ledge toward the throne room while the others position themselves.
  • They fight the Chief; Tao and Faas are dropped but Faas recovers and finishes off the chief.
  • They explore the rest of the floor and find treasures.
  • Xev goes outside to the four guards and throws the chief's body at them, they run.
  • The other goblins are released.
  • Next level, they open a door in which they hear grunting; a bugbear and four goblin wives. The wives are killed and the bugbear is interrogated.

  • Fight with Elderscroll and the delayed blast fireball. Xev's fauchard is destroyed and Elderscroll's body is not found.
  • In the next level, they find statues of a figure without a face and only a symbol where a face would be. The figure is decked out in finery and gold.
  • Xev is caught in the trap of the two statues. Turey attempts to disable the trap.
  • They find Nualia in her room and Nualia is ready for them. She attacks… but falls to her knees in surprise at Xev. She reverently looks at him before regaining her rage and fights him.
  • A yeth hound howls and terrifies Xev to immobility.
  • Nualia takes Xev to the other part of the room, while the others fight the hound and stares at him, studying him.
  • The hound is defeated and Nualia attacks the others. She is tenacious, but is defeated.
  • Her arm is removed and packed away.
  • Nualia's notes
  • They find a seemingly huge stack of coins, but it is just an illusion on a carving.
  • Xev and Cold Steel find a door carved with the faces of the dead.
  • Xev opens the door and enters the pitch dark room.
  • He is attacked by shadows and as they sap his strength, he crawls back to the door. He looses the last of his strength and the shadows close in on him, but Cold Steel grabs him and pulls him through the doorway as the doors close and the shadows are blocked.
  • The party decides to leave. They find their horses slaughtered by goblins, only the black stallion remains. They walk back to Yorik.

The Catacombs

  • Once back, they are greated by the re-inforcements from Luendig. Hemlock congratulates them, but is disheartened by the news of a possible dungeon under the town. He tells them he will have it looked at and tells them to rest.
  • The group take the arm to Headmaster Smoothhands and have it appraised. He tells them there isn't enough gil in Yorik to give this its worth, but he feels that is should be kept in responisble hands and offer them that any magic items they purchase will be bought at cost. They agree.
  • They have Smoothhands look at Nualia's notes and he translates the passage written in abyssal.

No matter which direction he faces, a crooked prince still casts a shadow.

  • They order some magic items.
  • Faas receives a letter from Sofie Vinder stating that her parents will be out of town this upcoming weekend and that she hopes to see him.
  • Faas also finds out Banny has been skipping out a few work days to spend time with Katrina Vinder.
  • A guard comes back from watching the entrance to the Smuggler's Tunnel with a bite and a tale about a "demon without a face".
  • After Xev recovers his strength, he tells the rest that he will go into the catacombs with or without them, getting them to gather and head out together. They are given an honor guard of three squaddies.
  • They go to the cave and Xev scouts in first, seeing a strange beast. He assume this creature is the before mentioned "Sinspawn"
  • He returns to report. Faas hears a strange chocking sound and is attacked by the sinspawn, but it is easily defeated.
  • They enter the ruins to find it much like the final floor of Thistletop. Inside they find a chapel to Shaydis. Further, they see and ancient Shi'imti ritual room with two pools of water and a quasit inside. The little beast screams at them and then cuts itself, bleeding into one of the pools which produces a sinspawn.
  • They fight the demon and the sinspawn with great effort. Finally the quasit disappears and the group attempts to recover.
  • Ruis examines the red pool of water and finds it cold, but when his finger touches it, he is overcome with rage, cursing and writhing for a moment.

  • They go further into the catacombs and finds a pair of sinspawn in an old prison.
  • They find a torture room with an alcove holding many old scrolls of an unknown language. Turey, while loading the scrolls into his bag, sees red writing appear on the wall and bleed, but when he points it out to others, it is gone.
  • The next room they find a big horrible goblin mutant speaking with the quasit, the demon disappearing before anyone could act. Xev goes to attack it, but it vomits a line of acid, dousing him in its ichor. It is tenacious, but is defeated. One of its weapons was a magic longsword made from a strange form of glass.
  • They find a set of stairs that once lead down, but the way has since caved in.
  • Also, they discover a room where the things inside float. Cold Steel uses his telekinesis to remove the things of values from the room, including a book written in abyssal.
  • They fight with a varguille and find another set of caved in stairs.
  • They leave the caves and report to Hemlock that they cleared the catacombs of everything but a quasit. He tells them he plans to brick up the tunnels and that anything down there can stay down there.
  • He pays them each 2 gil for their services and thanks them for their heroism.

The Skinsaw Murders

  • Cold Steel and Turey go off to Jaress.
  • Stop at Pontrev on the way and they get word that Turey's father has gone on to Jaress to take care of private business.
  • When they arrive in Jaress, they see his wagon at the Dancing Ferret Inn, but no one inside has seen him in several days.
  • Turey unlocks his room, disables the trap on his footlocker and sees a ledger full of red mentioning the name Ironbriar, he also finds his mother's necklace which has never before left his father's possession.
  • Cold Steel eats soup and enjoys a dancing ferret show.
  • They ask a local member of the Nightsong about Ironbriar and find out that he is a justice and a mysterious one at that. The local Guild-Master, Salem would know more. No other clues are found. The two return to Yorik.
  • Xev notices the taking out of the armored wagon and that several bodies are brought back along with a madman. Hemlock tells Xev to disregard the happenings as his shift has ended. Xev tries to speak with the howling prisoner, but the guards stop him from doing so.
  • When the Vinders leave town, Faas has Sofie come to the Savich House, while Katrina and Banny spend time at the Vinder's home.
  • Days later, the characters are at the Black Mountain when Hemlock comes in and takes them into the back room. He asks them if there is anything they'd like to tell him.
  • Tao gives a sarcastic confession, but grows silent when a bloody piece of paper lands on the table with her name on it. Hemlock found the paper in the Saw mill this morning.

Tao, I do as you command, my love.
The Prince

  • Cold Steel surmises the message was meant to act as a red herring towards them as public figures, to which Hemlock agrees.
  • He tells them that two bodies were found this morning at the mill; that of Banny Harker and his lover Katrina Vinder. He asks if they would once again help him with a second opinion on the scene. They agree and head to the mill.
  • On the way, Hemlock tells them of the arrests of Mr. Vinder and Mr. Thorn as well as the three bodies found on the side of the road a few days earlier and the madman they sent to the Sanitarium to the west.
  • At the mill, they found Banny stuck to the wall and Katrina sawed nearly in half by the band saw. Katrina's body had been moved off the saw. Turey finds an axe, which upon close examination, made him vomit. Faas inspects the axe and finds bits of unknown bone and a purple-ish substance.
  • Mr. Harker had a seven pointed star carved into his chest. Hemlock informs that the same symbols are found in the chests of the three other bodies. He tells them the town would not fare well after the news of a second serial killer in its midst.
  • Tao finds a window on the second floor broken into and claw marks.
  • Cold Steel and Faas find tracks outside and follow them over the town wall and towards the Taksubriek River.
  • Faas interviews Mr. Vinder and finds him full of anger, but does not think he is guilty. He is released.
  • Turey interviews Mr. Thorn and discovers Mr. Harker was stealing from the mill right under the nose of Faas; creating a false log book and stealing over 1,000 gil. Mr. Thorn discovered the bodies. They find no reason to keep him and he is released.
  • Xev looks at the bodies in the church and finds them horridly disfigured and, indeed, marked by the star.

Habe's Sanatorium

  • Cold Steel and Tao goes on patrol for the night and when Cold Steel comes back, he sees Ruis coming back to town after being out for several days. Cold Steel explains the situation to him and Ruis offers to look at the tracks.
  • Tao, received a letter and left the town on horse in a hurry.
  • They go to the mill and Ruis determines that the creature is bipedal and clawed. It came from the wall, up to the second story window and back over the wall towards the river.
  • Xev speaks with Headmaster Smoothhands, but the headmaster has little expertise on the undead.
  • Together, they all decide to travel east to Habe's Santorium.
  • They find the former church on a small hill with a graveyard to the side. Ruis investigates the graveyard, finds crypt ravens, but little else.
  • They pull the door bell and a misshapen halfling answers, but becomes immediately becomes engrossed by Cold Steel and stared hollowly as he pet him.
  • Another hare-lipped halfling appeared and ushered them inside. The halfling pointed to a log in book, which Cold Steel entered.
  • Doctor Habe came into the room and, nervously, introduced himself and his servants. He asked the party why they were there.
  • They asked to see the patient from the attack recently, a Mr. Seville. Habe refused, telling them that his mental state was fractured. When Habe threatened to get Sherrif Hemlock, they told him they work for Hemlock. Habe saw no alternative but to allow the pushy (and armed) guests their requests.
  • He brought them into a common area and asked them to stay there and not to antagonize the patient. The halflings left through a door and a while later returned with the clearly deranged Mr. Seville, sitting him down in a chair.
  • Faas and Ruis recognized the advanced stages of Ghoul Fever in him.
  • Xev and Cold Steel spoke with him, getting onyl mutterings. Ruis heard him mutter something, but couldn't make it out.
  • Mr. Seville told them he had a message for the one called Tao, he had seen her likeness in a drawing the master kept.
  • Xev exited the room and re-entered in the magical guise of Tao. He spoke to Tao again and Mr. Seville told her;

"Come to the Misgivings and join the pack"

  • After the message, he convulsed and fell to the ground. The doctor tries to rush to him in aid, but Faas and Ruis kept him back. Xev kept his eye on the body.
  • The corpse sprung to life suddenly and attempted to attack, but Xev and Ruis destroyed the body and put the man to rest.
  • Dr. Habe scolded the party, blaming them for Mr. Seville's death, while the party yelled back, blaming him as the doctor did not take the man to a cleric.
  • The doctor explained that he was studing the psycological effects of Ghoul Fever to work towards a method to allow a changing undead to keep their living mind.
  • Faas punched the doctor for his arrogance and warned him to leave the area for if he was seen again he would surely be killed.
  • They left the sanatorium and Ruis realized the meaning of the mumbling he heard earlier.

"The Skinsawman is coming."

  • Turey and Ruis knew that there was a local manor that was run down and cursed. The locals called it the Misgivings. They left for the manor immediately.

Foxglove Manor

  • They arrived at the manor late in the evening and saw the house lay at the top of a cliff. The outlying buildings were burned down and ravens stood everywhere, staring at them.
  • Cold Steel approached the right of the two entrances and attempted to ram the doors down, only to bounce off of them.
  • Turey checked for traps and locks, unlocked the door and Xev was able to unlodge the door which hadn't been opened in decades.
  • Inside, they saw a manticore staring at them, Ruis cast a spell of Bulls's Strength is surprise. But they saw that it was a stuffed creature.
  • Xev approached the taxidermic creature and smelled a familiar smell to him; burning flesh. He saw the claws of the manticore and they looked like the claws of demons mauling the innocent. He saw the fur of the manticore and it looked like the bloody matted fur of animals laying dead in the crumbling streets of Calori.
  • Xev panics and exclaims "This house is not safe". He runs out the open door and trips, falling on the driveway in front of a stone landmarker. This marker bore the arms of the House of Foxglove.

Xev looks around for a wand of cure light wounds and finds that Mother Mavratilova is willing to trade in exchange for a cloak to be returned to her.
They return Turey to Yorik and find out about Hambley Farm. They head there.

  • Turey only remembers bits and pieces of himself waking at the church, being dragged from his cot and hours of being dragged through the grass by a great stench of a creature.
  • When he came to he saw the creature was the ghastly remains of the undead Aldern Foxglove.
  • Aldern carved into Turey's chest and flayed skin off of him while speaking.
  • Aldern told him he could smell her off of him. And that Turey was hand chosen and should feel special. There will be no afterlife for him, where he will go after he dies is unknown to Aldern. Only that Turey will be where Aldern's mistress wishes him to go.

The Hambley Farm

  • Arrive at Hambley Farm and walk into the corn fields.
  • They see a scarecrow wearing Yorik Guard armor.
  • Cold Steel removes the scarecrow mask he is wearing and Xev recognizes the guard.
  • Faas can tell this guard is a ghoul just as he animates and escapes the bailing twine holding him on the posts and attacks. Other ghouls attack from the sides but all are put down. Faas is heavily injured.
  • They continue on and see four new scarecrows. Faas sees that two of them are made of straw and Ruis kills another that is a ghoul. Xev rides by on his horse and decapitates the fourth, but that body was still human.
  • Cold Steel admonishes Xev and so Xev leaves.
  • They come to another fork and sees a bloody trail into the corn. They follow to find a ghoulish creature in noble clothing holding a knife above Turey, splayed on a rock. The creature hisses and runs away, disappearing into the corn field.
  • Turey's paralysis wears off and they heal him, but the flayed scars on his chest remain. Ruis can tell they glow with a faint unknown magic. Turey is very angry and wants justice.
  • They find another living person on a scarecrow frame; it is Lettie Guffman, wife to the now decapitated Horran Guffman. SHe shows signs of ghoul fever and is given treatment, but told to head to the church in Yorik as soon as possible.
  • They find the barn and Turey goes inside to see a charnel house inside; rotting flesh of humans and horses and vermin crawling over everything.
  • Ruis sees a black figure in the corn.
  • Turey returns and tells his findings.
  • They go to the nearby farmhouse and see it filled with ghouls and the undead Aldern.
  • Also inside is the ritually defiled body of Crade Hambley.
  • Cold Steel lets loose an ice ball and defeats all but one of the other ghouls, the other easily dispatched by Faas.
  • Foxglove suddenly changes demeanor and begs for help. He tells them of the debt his family owned the Seven Brothers Society and how he tried to leave when they were becoming the Skinsaw Men - a murder cult of Malym.
  • Aldern gives a letter and a list.

Tarch Mortwell
Lener Hask
Gedwin Tabe
Crade Hambley
Avaro Caballo
Banny Harker
Titus Savich
Chod Bester
Olmur Blackspot
Hayliss Korvaski

Turey Caballo

  • Aldern tries to volunteer the names of the people in the cult, he changes again and grins a fangy grin.
  • The others ready for battle.
  • Aldern attacks and another ghast jumps in through a window and attacks Rosie.
  • The battle is soon won.

  • Xev returns to Yorik and sees canvas covered wagons outside the town walls being watched by scantly-clad half-orc males.
  • He rides up to the town hall and sees a tiefling exit with Mayor de'la'Montagne and Sheriff Hemlock. The mayor assures the tiefling that they will do what they can. The tiefling offers to drop serious gil as a reward.
  • The tiefling sees Xev and looks at him as one would appraise art, greets him and then leaves. Hemlock exasperated, leaves as well.
  • Xev speaks with the Mayor. She tells him that the tiefling is Madam Cinzia Hayvan and she is looking for a golden box. She is the showrunner of a traveling menagerie and is also connected to the rich noble House of Hayvan of northern Canstice.
  • The mayor asks Xev to hang up a proclamation. It is the announcement of a wedding between the Mayor's daughter, Eva de'la'Montagne and a local carpenter working for the Veldkamps, Klaes Bleyck.
  • Xev goes to the Black Mountain and tells anyone that if they see a golden box to tell him. They agree.
  • Xev goes to the church to see Turey, but discovers he is gone and one of the two church acolytes says he saw Father Zenden carrying him, but when he went down to the wine cellar, Father Zenden was there instead.
  • Xev goes to the garrison to tell Sheriff Hemlock Turey might be a ghoul and loose in the town. Hemlock organizes a response team and starts a search, bringing Xev with along with him.
  • Hours later, he hears a commotion near the main gate and see that a local farmer named Lettie Guffman has entered in the town and is in front of the church being looked over by Father Zenden.
  • He questions her about what she saw and she confirms the others are alive and that there was a halfling among them. Xev calls the search off for Hemlock, who still retains a sense of caution.
  • Xev heads out for the farm, but meets up with the others a mile out
  • They go over what the other has experienced. Xev asks about a golden box. No one has seen it.
  • Ruis stays with poor Lettie at the church and helps to tend to her.
  • Turey goes to tease Hemlock and pretend like he's a ghoul and gets shot at by Hemlock's crossbow for his trouble.
  • Cold Steel eats at the Black Mountain. He speaks with Nu Quan, but she finds conversation with the pony too dry. He is next approached by Madam Hayvan who talks to him about his homeland and his race.
  • Xev travels to the house Mother Mavratilova told him to go to for the cloak and sees that it is the Savich Manor. He decides to postpone his endeavor.
  • Faas tells Titus Savich of the recent happenings and the presence of his name on a list.
  • Xev speaks with Faas and tells him of his deal with the witch. They decide to tell Titus Savich and ask him for the cloak.
  • Titus takes Xev alon upstairs and shows him the cloak, telling Xev that he took the cloak from the witch due to her misdeeds with its use. He throws the cloak in the fire and Xev reaches in to grab it, burning his hands. He manages to only spare a scrap.
  • Xev returns to Mother Mavratilova's house and he tells her of the news, she tries to curse him, but he resists and she demands that he leave.
  • Turey hears that Madam Hayvan spoke with Cold Steel and he comes to her to tell her to leave the pony alone. After some conversational sparring, she agrees to do so.

  • Ruis begins to organize with Gavin de'la'Montagne to make sure all the fields are properly harvested. Annave Nevin joins them.
  • Cold Steel wakes up to see Edgar Thorn, the ferrier, missing. He begins to look for him. He asks his brother, Ibor and his mother if they have seen him.
  • Xev researches in the library of the Academy, but finds little about the Shadowvast. Shamil sees him and they talk about the nature of corruption and choice. Shamil parts with "If you wish to talk more, or see some selections of my private library, let me know." After that, Sheriff Hemlock comes and asks Xev to come to the garrison.
  • Faas sees Hannah being run out from Savich Manor. He finds out that she is going through withdrawal from flayleaf which Titus was supplying her with, but the merchant influx has died down and she has run out. Faas agrees to help, but only to help her kick the habit. She agrees and he takes her to the church for care under Father Zenden. He agrees to go look for more flayleaf north in the Bleaklow Moor so she doesn't have to go cold turkey.
  • Turey sees a man being assaulted in an alley during the day. He chases off the attackers and sees the victim is Sir Jasper. Sir Jasper admits to a gambling problem with the Savich family and it is dept of several thousand gil. Titus is after his position and will use the debt as an excuse to discredit him. Turey agrees to help and pay off the debt in exchange for increased influence in the Merchant Alliance and Jasper's sponsorship to acquire the ownership of the Glassworks. Turey also asks for a portion of Jasper's salary for the rest of his life.
  • Xev goes to the garrison and finds Mr Ryke, the patron of the Two Knights Brewery, in jail for a fight after a man insulted him, the man is the brother of Hemlock's "secret" lover. Mr. Ryke asks Xev for help so the wo Knights doesn't go without a patron, as his partner, Gavin, is off organizing the farmers. Xev pays his bail and Mr. Ryke offers Xev free beers at the brewery until his trial.
  • Faas gathers Ruis and Cold Steel to journey with him to Bleaklow, but first they look south of the town walls to find Edgar. They soon find him asleep under a tree next to a nearby pond.
  • The three travel to the moor and defeat a tribe of aggressive goblins that had fire in their mouths.
  • Ruis investigates and discovers the nearby trees are filled with anger, as well as the nearby animals. The further away from Yorik, though, the less angry they are.
  • They gather the flayleaf and head back to town. Faas helps Hannah with her withdrawal.
  • Several days later, Faas wakes up to a scream from upstairs in his home. He sees Geoffry, the butler, in the main bedroom and when Faas approaches, Geoffry asks "Why did you do it?" and runs away. Faas sees the body of Titus Savich crucified on the frame of his bed with a sihedron carved into his chest.

Faas Imprisoned

  • A number of town guards come to arrest Faas and he goes quietly with them, but considers the entire thing ridiculous.
  • Later, Sheriff Hemlock is brought in a speaks with Faas, explaining the situation to him, but assures him that he feels they are dealing with an imposter.
  • After the sheriff leaves, one of the guards remains behind and speaks with Faas; "Which one should I kill next?" He implied that he plans to kill all the noble family lords. Faas refused the food he brought in with him.
  • Xev is told of Faas's position and he goes to visit him. He is also visited by Ruis and Turey. Faas gives each of his visitors a gem with a special cut on it to identify themselves to him and each other.
  • Faas is visited by Jurian Voelker and is asked to lead the local Nightsong chapter. Jurian says he has no intention to put himself in a leadership position.
  • Ruis asks to investigate the manor and is allowed to do so. He transforms into a carnivorous plant and smells the scene for the scent of the killer. He then scours the town for the scent, but finds that the scent leads to the pond south of town. The scent disappears.
  • Ruis later hears of the guard imposter and sniffs the uniform worn by the imposter in the armory and regains the scent. He follows it through the town.
  • Turey visits Sir Jasper, who was having a meeting with Ven Vinder, but is informed that the Nightsong have yet to forgive his debts.
  • Turey visit Jurian in Southtown. Jurian informs Turey that no money has come to the Nightsong between Turey's alleged payment and Titus's death. Turey needs to go into the Savich manor and retrieve his payment from the Savich vault and hand it to Jurian.
  • Xev sees Ven Vinder speaking with Sheriff Hemlock. Ruis comes and notices Vinder has the scent of the imposter. Cold Steel attempts a sleep spell, but it doesn't work. Xev trips and knocks out the imposter. His form changes and reveals itself to be a changeling.
  • Faas is freed and Hemlock interrogates the changeling. He is revealed to work for an organization called the Cabal of Truth which was hired by the Seven Brothers Society in Jaress.
  • The next day, Turey asks Faas to help him get into the Savich family vault. He agrees.
  • The vault proves to be intricate and impressive in design. If not picked correctly, it releases an acid which melts the door, rendering it unopenable.
  • Turey finds no other traps and makes him attempt, but makes a wrong move and acid sprays on him, scarring his foot. It is left to Ruis to open the safe with his adamantine sword. The treasure is emptied and the vault is repaired due to Ruis's magic.
  • Faas finds that Titus had been stealing from the Nightsong, which caused many people's otherwise forgiven debts to still stand.

The Foxglove Townhouse

  • They leave for Jaress, stopping at Pontrev for the night.
  • They arrive and ask the local guards for the best inn in town and are pointed to the Silver Unicorn Inn.
  • Xev visits the Compass Society Headquarters and speaks with Benjamin John ren Corlaine. Mr. Corlaine has little information about the Shi'imti civilization, but is able to give Xev a book by antiquarian, Broderic Qotten. Corlaine also gives fair price for Xev's Shi'imti artifacts. Xev tells of the site of Fort Thistletop.
  • After Xev leaves, he spies a shadow without a source escaping down an alley-way. He gives chase and finds an ashen-scaled dragonborn. She introduces herself as Kava Ghostscale and has much to tell Xev as she has seen him in her dreams. He is destined to give Shaydis a kingdom in the world. She will tell him more on the new moon. She gives him an address and disappears into the shadows.
  • They come downstairs to find a mysterious phoelarch girl. She looks to Xev and says "I've been looking for you."

Demons in the Square

  • The mysterious girl begins to introduce herself… pauses… then says her name is Fire in Shadow. She seems to be in shock and confused. She speaks with Xev and tells him that she lived in Calori during the Shadow Bridge and received visions of him, though she knows nothing about what they mean.
  • Suddenly the room's shadows grow think and Xev feels the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He begins to laugh in madness as he senses demons coming.
  • Fire in Shadow notices this as well and exclaims "They've found me!" she asks Xev to speak with her on the new moon and runs out the door, the shadows receding with her.
  • Xev refuses to let the shadows go and runs out to give chase. Ruis sees the shadows billowing down the otherwise normal streets of Jaress.
  • They come to a city square and Ruis and Xev force the demons out of the shadows. Two babaus and several unidentified caninoid demons attack them while the crows runs screaming. The demons are defeated in a gruelling battle. Cold Steel takes to the sky and rains magic down.
  • A young boy is killed and another man is severely injured during the fight. Ruis is able to heal the man.
  • The sounds of signal whistles from the Jarasian Guard are heard and the party splits. Turey and Faas hide behind wreckage, Xev fades into shadow, Ruis finishes healing the man and then transforms into a whisp of plant and flies away, his treant climbing over buildings. Cold Steel, meanwhile, merely floats to the ground and complies with the guard.
  • Cold Steel is taken to a garrison which Cold Steel notices is much larger than the garrison at Yorik, fortified with an outer wall, murder holes, towers and parapets. It is a miniature castle.
  • Ruis and Turey witness the capture and imprisonment of Cold Steel. They also see Rosie captured and a number of men in greatcoats and pouched belts entering the fortress. One of those men spots Ruis through a red gem, causing Ruis to retreat.
  • Cold Steel is placed in a windowless cell. The cell features ambient light and runes along the bottom of the walls. Later, the Jarasian Captain of the Guard, Ilarion Bleklímaka, visits Cold Steel and asks him questions. Cold Steel answers about the demon battle honestly, but does not mention the Skinsaw Murders. Captain Ilarion brings in one of the Jarisian Inquisitors, who performs a number of magical tests and leaves, wordlessly. The captain says Cold Steel will be detained until a justice can be here in a day or two. "Justice in this city is swift."
  • Xev goes to the Row and ask around about rumors of the event. He hears that a magical beast was captured and that the Inquisitors were called in. The Inquisitors have a reputation for ruthless justice.
  • Ruis sees Cold Steel being released from the garrison and watching him leave the gate, Ruis floats down to meet him. Cold Steel reaches out with a hoof and attempts a hold monster spell, but Ruis is able to withstand it. "Cold Steel" reveals his true form as a city inquisitor. Ruis unsheathes his blade and holds it to the throat of the inquisitor demanding to know what has happened to Cold Steel. Four other inquisitors appear from the nearby alleys and put Ruis down with their arrows.
  • When Ruis awakes, he is in a similar cell to Cold Steel. Ruis attempts to cast a spell to heal himself, but finds spellcasting difficult and receives a painful shock when his spell is cast. He has no items, and is wearing a generic tunic and trousers.

Hook Mountain Massacre


The Graul Farm

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