location in nora
Capital Thingin
Largest City Thingin
Archduchy Gathrand
Kingdom Vatharond
Ruling House House of Moesgaard
Demonym Rinlandic
Formation ?
Joined Allied Kingdoms ?
Area ?
Population ?
Common Languages Dwarven, Giant, Common

Rindland is a duchy found in the very north of Vatharond. The people of Rindland are geographically separated from the rest of Nora and have a strong sense of internal culture, but they are still very loyal to their connections to the High Crown and Alexandria.

The region has vocalized their protests against the Severing War and do not wish to succeed from Nora. Some nobles are talking about succeeding from Vatharond and siding with the Noran Armies.

Farmers herd wooly beasts across the land in drives. However, the proximity of this region to known evil locations have given the people a great number of superstitions.

All across Rindland, the folk know of the legend of a celestial ox.


Firbolg Kingdoms

see Firbolg

A series of confederate kingdoms located in what is modern day Rindland, Vansludera and the dargoneth.

Kingdom of Rindland

The mighty king Karl of Allmen (Regional hero) unified the people and created an independent Rindland in 317 PI. A massive battle took place.

Enwa Twn Gem

Rindland was conquered by the Army of Eight Banners in 194 PI.

Joining Vatharond and the Allied Kingdoms




The Fellwood



see Trollebotten

Varthalla Islands

  • a large forest

Fauna and Flora

  • a white plumed bird is a source of local folklore and pride.

Major Settlements

  • Thingin; 5,540; on the Flóthia River; Succubus Gate; Palace of the grand dukes; large fortified tower; airship mooring tower; other palaces; city of Dusk; henge; lots of towers and palaces; home to a cannibalistic serial killer
  • Freeburg; 3,200; bridge; city of legends and folklore; very religious; devas; large marketplace; statue of Karl of Allmen; legend says it is the resting place of the orb of water; undercity;
  • Helǩnell; 1,610; mapmakers; home to a Compass Lodge; silver miners; port; famous boat; golden mice;
  • Blackburn; 1,280; Sacred Hill; Iron Fox;
  • Tyrninholm; 1,140; Along the Neinhummer River; monstrous lobsters; famous bard;
  • Meldrakki; 750; legendary white dragon was slain, left curse;
  • Dinaburg; 1,020; blue temple; many lakes and ruthags
  • Hællburg; 260; stone castle; river side; ancient valley
  • Kampftstadt; 650; river-side; palace; battle;
  • Fitend; 560; port; actually a string of fortresses
  • Karland; 4,160; major northern port; many towers, site of a miracle; strong walls; wizard's tower;
  • Dyṡallr; 1,030; a famous romance; ruins; druids;
  • Ækerstrom; 660; castle; sacked by invaders; many fortresses; along the Straumr River, waterfall



  • a strong naval tradition, plenty of mariner warriors
  • famous for their cheese.
  • the church of light is less influenced in the area and the people look more to the Gnesis Cults, combined with a sort of ancestor worship of the powerful Firbolg that lived in the area.
  • Order of Knights used to rule and were very influential in the culture of the land.

The south

  • Local legend says Freeburg is the center of the world.
  • A powerful Duchess witch.
  • Local army called the Iron Wolves
  • Well built roads in the south
  • A sacred hill
  • Many Gnesis temples
  • Fortified wizard academy
  • A large bardic organization
  • A famous opera singer


  • ancient peoples, settled from Midgard thousands of years ago
  • an old and powerful castle
  • home to an ousted house of evil nobles, who head the Order of the Black Star
  • winter castle
  • ancient merchantile tradition
  • steeped in traditions of Tala Errin and wind magic
  • devas
  • famous beer

Varthalla Islands

  • petrified giants
  • ancient castles
  • craters
  • cliffs
  • large lighthouse
  • wizard tower
  • reefs holding sea creature homes
  • ancient rune stone
  • mythical axe
  • ancient ruins
  • round churches


  • A massive wall to block barbarian invaders from the south.
  • A large floating tower
  • A red cathedral
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