Rhyn Tywysog
Rhyn Tywysog
Biographical Information
Location of Birth ?
Date of Birth 1273 NS
Home Aelwyd
Alias(es) ?
Title(s) ?
Physical Description
Race Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Red
Family Information
Family Members Thalami Brenin (father)
Morwyn Brenhines (mother)
Occupation ?
Loyalty ?

"What ho! The lady doth returneth."
—Rhyn comments on the arrival of Nikki Floren.

Rhyn Tywysog, born as Rhyn Yd Thalami, is the son of Thalami Brenin and Morwyn Brenhines and is the prince of Tir'Ein. The prince is still young and eager to learn about the world. He is usually found with his aid and personal chaplain, Valaphia Glasrad. However, he does not currently have a thynian bodyguard, once offering the job to Nikki Floren, which she politely refused.

Rhyn has an odd manner of speaking common; he will use vocabulary and structure nearly 500 years out of date. He frequently uses terms such as "thou" and "thy" (often clumsily).

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Seeing the war

In 1375, Rhyn wished to see the effect the Severing War was having on his people. He attempted to leave on his own, but his father sent a royal procession following him. He traveled to Lon Kuel, a town known for its housing of refugees, injured soldiers, deserters and camp followers. Once there, he often sneaked away from his entourage to explore the area and interact personally with the locals.

During one such encounter, a group of soldiers became angry with the prince's questions and were about to attack him until a timely intervention of Nikki Floren. The soldiers turned their attention to Nikki, but Rhyn knocked a soldier over the head with a clay pot, provoking the others into action. Nikki quickly used her merciful bow to knock them all out (including Rhyn) and later excused the soldiers. After Rhyn awoke, he gave Nikki an amulet with his personal knot on it in case she ever needed help.

Several days later, Nikki came to Rhyn (unaware of his royal status) for help with a contingent of Vathroni soldiers harassing her healers. Rhyn ordered the captain of his personal guard to take care of the issue and invited Nikki to dinner. Valaphia later gave Nikki a magical quiver to thank her for serving the prince.

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