The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council

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The Archmages Saga: Return of the Council begins in the city of Alexandria in the last week of Galven in 1377 NS.

Arrival at Alexandria

Andreu arrives by airship; creates magnificent masnio in his room.

Tempest arrives by flight with Mandy. They are dressed in khemetian clothes.

Felix arrives by foot. Sees Emma in the crowd. Visits the Red Rose.

Nikki arrives by horse, hears council rumors and goes to the inn to meet Ke'Vadar, but sees Tempest instead.

They meet the servant Theralam and he offers to take them on a tour.

Near the Theater District, a wheel breaks and Nikki sees bandits on roof tops and rides off. The others follow.

They see bandits from the Red Rose accosting an old lady and a young girl.

Nikki fires a light arrow at the roofs and the badits jump down.

A dagger is placed at the neck of the bandit leader by Tik the Gnollslayer.

The old lady casts a mass suggestion and the bandits go to give themselves up. The old lady is Kylie and the girl is Layer. SHe apologiese and says she will be at headquarters.

Tik and Nikki go into the Cuthtroat and pick a fight with thugs.

The Black Banner

Tempest and Lord es'Ornelos travel back to the Arbiter, and Mr. Richter continues with the tour. When the carriage reaches the south parts of the Theater District, he sees a number of half orcs placing undead wards on the border streets of Shackletown. Mr Richter speaks with one of the kona and warns them of undead. He is told of the witch Ms Nilly in Shackletown, who gave them the charms.

Once back at the inn, the lights are on and music is playing. Tempest sees more people in the room and Seraph Aeris playing with Starcoat. Also there is Volusian, Archmage Athro and Jameson. Kylie announces that not everyone has arrived and she will give everyone one more day to arrive. Anyone not here at the Arbiter at 7pm will forfeit their nomination.

Richter returns and speaks with Kylie and tells her of Emma. Kylie tells him she will warn the appropriate parties.

Tempest and Lord es'Ornelos speak with each other about the rumors of the Black Banner.

Next morning, Andreu sees a letter from his father requesting his visit at the Hawthorne Estate. He walks there.

Mandy wants to go shopping and Tempest, wishing to investigate the Graveyard, travels with Nikki and has Tik and Lucas watch Mandy. Felix stays at the inn with Seraph Aeris and Jameson.

At the graveyard, Nikki looks over the consecration runes around the walls. Tempest finds a woman that had just been drained by a wight. Nikki restores the woman, an effect granted by the consecration, and follows the tracks of the wight and sees they just come to an end.

They decide to go to the local Iron Spear chapterhouse, but while debating on whether Tempest should go inside or not, a blond woman in a black robe falls on the stone steps. She is holding a long pole with a banner wrapped around. Nikki tries to grab it, but it burns her like acid. Emma says she is trying to fight something inside her, before suddenly floating and says "Everything dies tonight" and puffs into smoke. A wraith is sumoned, but defeat by Nikki and they follow the trail back to the graveyard and see the Banenr planted on a hillside with Emma laying weakly under it. Emma tells Tempest "Felix…key…" and goes unconscious. Nikki stay s and tries to remove the banner, while Tempest hurries back to the Arbiter with Emma.

Andreu goes to the Hawthorne estate, where his father is staying due to the graces of Mrs. Edith Hawthorn. Tadeo warns Andreu that his brother, Tirseo is in the city looking to remove him from power. He also warns that Tirseo is a spellbreaker, or a mage slayer. He and his men were in the war, but have come to the city for Andreu. Andreu asks how Tirseo knows he was in the city, but Tadeo dodges the question, saying he values family and doesn't wish to see either of his sons dead. Andreu thanks him for the warning and leaves, telling his raven to watch his father. He returns to the Arbiter.

Tik convinces Mandy and Lucas to go with him to the Red Rose of Alexandria. Inside Tik meets with Jesse Blackblade. Jesse tells her to seek membership with Golerk Ironboots. Golerk tells her to bring back a magic item. Tik tells Mandy and Lucas to stay here while he fetches the item, but Lucas is adamant that they leave; Mandy, uncomfortable in the unwanted conversation with Jesse. Tik agrees to let them go on their own to the Marketplace.

Tik goes to the Theater Magique and sees the playhouse is showing The Elopement of the Dowager Princess starring Thesing Ulvauno. Tik buys a ticket and slips invisibly backstage and finds a items of appropriate worth in the locked proproom. While on her way back out, Tik peeks out from the curtain into the audience and finds Edward Marsan, a member of the Bluecloaks, in the second row, looking at her despite her invisibility. She panics and heads to the lobby of the theater, using her magical wardrobe to disguise herself. Mr. Marsan looks in the lobby, and finding nothing, heads back to his seat. Tik follows him and expertly lifts the Bluecloak Rod from his belt. She returns to the Red Rose and produces the rod as well as a dozen gil. Golerk gives her full membership. As Tik leaves, Lucas meets with him, injured, telling him of Mandy's abduction by masked men. Jesse tells Tik of rumors of the Red Gate Society that secretly rules Alexandria. Jesse also agrees to hire mercenaries for Tik's cause.

Tempest returns to the Arbiter with Emma and gives her over to Mr. Richter. Emma wakes and asks Felix about the amulet she gave her and tells him it is a seal for the banner. Felix doubts her claims and tells her the amulet is in another location. At this time, Tik and Lucas arrive and give Tempest the bad news about Mandy. Tempest tells everyone to go to the Graveyard while he will take care of the Red Gate. Tik secretly follows Tempest.

Once arriving at the Graveyard, they see the High Priest of Damien, Roveros Mason, speaking with Nikki. Also there, is Tirseo es'Ornelos.

Tirseo, seeing that his brother was a little busy, told Andreu to meet him at a warehouse at midnight. Andreu agreed. Mason told Nikki that the dead were not rising in the cemetary and that strangely the Bannar was not working. Richter spoke with nikki about the necklace around his neck and Andreu looked just in time to see Emma, fully awake, melting the tlelkinetic spehere she was in and she came towards Richter, but Nikki filled her full of arrows. Emma fell and a sudden burst of negative energy from her, caused her to get right back up and teleport towards them. Nikki again put her down with an arrow.

The Red Gate Matter

Maximilian arrive at the inn within the Tehater district and transformed into a dragon and came in, scaring off the residents. Tik came in through the thrid floor, invisible but did not find anything.

Max found a stariway into the basement and followed, coming into a large ritual room with many cultists and a man with a purple cloak. THe man held Mandy at knife point and began to tell Max that this situation was his fault, but before he could finish his sentance, the man seemed to convulse and fell of the balcony. Max flew up to Mandy and fought off the nearby cultists, as Tik revealed herself as the one who defeated the man.

THe mna in the purple cloak awoke and rose, shooting a fireball at the balcony, but Max shielded Mandy from harm. Tik made sure the man did not get up again., THe cultsists transformed into barbed devils, but were quickly defeated. Mandy told Max that she no longer want to adventure and was ready to retire from this lifestyle.

Tik grabbed the man's torso and the teleported back to the graveyard and had Anderu made a magic circle to contain him. The devil fully regenerated and tryed to trick his captirs into breaking the circle to no avail. They asked him questions and He claimed to be the devil Calcabrina, an obscure devil whose name was only known by Andreu. Andreu attemtped to get his true name, but Calcabrina gave him a false name to Andrue's chagrin.

Nikki wished the others to leave while she, the devil and Max spoke, but Calcabrina attempted to let slip the secret, causing Nikki to shoot him with a holy arrow to silence him. Max allowed the others to know the truth about his nature. Calcabrina told them that Mandy had already served her purpose, but they were going to give Max a second chance before he was defeated by "an invisible sprite".

A Friend Drops In

Calcabrina explains Mandy was being used by the Red Gate Society as a means to control Max, but he refused to fall in love with her, so they were going to kill the useless Mandy, but decided to give Max one last chance. Nikki kills the devil and his body mists away.

Emma also wakes up and tells Felix that the necklace is a seal to keep the entity inside her. Felix tells her the necklace is in a nearby church. They walk to the Iron Spear chapterhouse and ask for the captain. Max is given a ring of mindshielding to hide his evil aura. Captain Errol Cask is explained the situation by Nikki and he takes them inside and to an iron door. They go into their iron cells and "Emma" beigns to fight them and they shut her in. Emma tells them they cannot win and that the body is his. Andreu makes a deal with an earth elemental for a flawless stone and casts Trap the Soul to steal Mort Kemnon's soul from Emma. Andreu agrees to give the gem to Felix in exchange for a few powerful scrolls Felix can scribe. Felix in turn, gives the gem to the captain for safe keeping.

Emma is tested and released by the knights, but asked to stay in the city for some checkups. Emma explains that years ago she was in the university and had discovered the resting place of the black banner, but was possessed by Kemnon. She fought his influence and ripped a tatter from the banner and altered it into a necklace that she gave to Felix and she then left with the banner. Since then, Kemnon had taken over and was hunting down Felix. SHe was aware of his actions in her body the whole time.

They went back to the graveyard and Emma removed the black banner. Lucas did a Sending to Kylie and she teleported directly there. She took the banner and plane shifted away. The necklace was kept around Felix's neck.

They went back to the Arbiter and rested. Max and Mandy spoke and Mandy admitted her feelings to him, but he looks at her only as a friend. She told him her plans were to head back to her home in Deva Arch and she wanted him to leave the adventuring life and retire with her. He refused and she left. Max contacted Nai-shi and requested that she look after Mandy every one in a while.

Emma and Felix took the night on the town and Emma enjoyed her free will.

That night, Andreu left for the warehouse his brother specified and found only the fresh dead of his brother and his squad. Killed by spears.

Tik broke into a lesser noble house and stole the magical signet ring off the house patron. The house's arms included a right arm.

Next morning Felix took Emma to a fair in Dragon's Gate. Nikki went there to find recruits with Lucas. Max and Tik went together, with Tik winning all the games and forcing Max to hold her prizes.

Andreu visited his father and lied to him, telling him his brother aquiested and went on a trip traveling Nora. He asked his father if Tirseo had any enemies, but Tadeo couldn't think of any. Andreu stayed for dinner and then left to find the others.

After nightfall, the group was leaving the fair and something heavy fell on Tik, after Nikki dodged. It was Starcoat the dragonling. Starcoat acted woosy and spoke incoherantly. Nikki casted Restoration and cleared him up. Starcoat said he was drugged by little muffins in an empty room and the inn and heard Kylie yell for help when she was at her tower, before the mental connection was cut off completely. Some bad men came and tried to get him, but he got away.

Just then several city guards and Bluecloaks rounded the corner, but Nikki could tell they were under an enchantment. THey demanded the return of the dragonling, but Nikki opened fire. Tik went invisible and took out one of the Bluecloaks. Another conjured an ice storm at the party, the others firing disintergration beams. Max turned into a dragon, but the form he took was that of an infernal helldragon. He attacked the guard and ripped one of them in half, berserking out of control. Felix removed the enchantment on several of the guards, they turned around and attempted the grapple the others. Andrue summoned several Kytons, also grappling the guards. The guards were defeated, but Max was dangerously out of control and Nikki brought him down with several arrows. Tik took several of the Bluecloaks Rods of Absorbtion.

Shakedown at Shackletown

After speaking with Charlize Hitchen, one of the charmed guardswomen, and she reported to the group that they were checking out a report at Shackletown when they were enchanted. She only knows that it was a female voice commanding them to find the dragonling and return it to the shack. Lucas volunteered to take the injured guards and bluecloaks to a local chapel for healing and rest, as well as taking the unconscious Max for observation. The rest decided to check out Shackletown.

Starcoat traveled on the shoulder of Nikki and they soon arrived at the shack the guardswoman mentioned. Tik used her ghost step to take a peak inside after Nikki magically gave her darkvision. Tik saw a table with a brazier on top and a scantly clad figure of a drowess standing behind it. Tik stayed behind the drow, invisible as Nikki and Felix walked inside the shack. Felix recognized the drowess as Dijanzi d'Obari, but Nikki could see that it was just a simulacrum. The simulacrum asked if they had brought what she asked for. They said now and the simulacrum told them to be gone. Felix noticed an amulet around the neck of the simulacrum bearing the symbol of the demon lord, Fieriel. Nikki then reentered and answered affirmatively and "Dijanzi" asked for it to be placed in the table. Tik tried to invisibly place some origami dragons on the table, but no effect happened. Felix used his sword to cast an illusion of Starcoat and approached to set the illusion on the table, but before he did so, the simulacrum cast burning hands, activating the sleep powder in the brazier and calling forth two powerful fire elementals, the Burning Sultans, princes of Agnor.

The Sultans were banished by Andrue, who took the surviving brazier.

The Tower of Terror

They left for Kylie's tower in the University Discrict. There they saw Layer running down the path with blood coming from his head.

The Forgotten Door

An Alien Jungle

Nikki expelled a shadow demon from a gold dragon with a protection vs evil spell.

The Shadow Bridge

Find the level with the mummies and they soon find the room with the bodies. Max seems to think some of this may be familiar, but he can't place it. THe sarcophogi are of 1-200 year old royal priests. In the room with the bodies, they begin to wonder what to do. Suddenly a voice rings out recognising Max's voice and some bodies are pushed aside to reveal Argent the Serpent. Max has a sudden realization of whats going on. Nikki quickly dispatches her. THe got throught the bodies and find some loot.

The go down the last passage on the floor and it is of adamantine ribbs and eyes. Felix spots the symbol of death and manages to disarm it.

They go down to the next floor and find the pit down. Across the way is the black armored red elf. Nikki puts some arrows into him, he tries to telekinesis max, but fails and tries to finger of death Nikki and fails. He leaps down into the pit to heal a bit. Max follows him and finishes him, hoping to absorb any death throes to save the surrounding prisoners. Andreu warns him of the coming death throws, but Fieriel revives in full Balor form and Andreu is reminded that Fieriel is the Demon Lord of Resurrection.

Fieiriel grabs Max and slams him to the ground, deafening him. Nikki and Felix both put down Fieriel and Lucas heals Maxs deafness.

The Shadow bridge is formed, they all run outside and see the bridge. Many demons are sucked into it. A cloaked woman stands at a massive black lens (midnight mirror) and sees them approach. She signals a nightcrawler and they both zip into the portal. Max follows close as many demons approach him to attack, but they are obliterated by the approaching celestial host.

Max, Felix and Andreu zip into the portal and chase Vastania. Nikki stays at the lense and frees Kylie and Dijanzi (and the others).

Max and Andrue transform into silver and White dragons respectively and hunt down Vastania. Max knocks them prone with asteroids, Felix encases Vastania in ice and Andrue summons a prismatic wall which turns both the nightcrawler and Vastania to stone.

They fly out of the bridge on Nora and see the bridge has emptied over Calori, turning the city to rubble. They fight the demons with the celestial host and soon have the demons contained.

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