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Aliases City of Iron and Silk
Size Large City
Location Erwynn, Ilefain
Ruler Marchion Eldore-Amaël Raulm
Population 7,300
Exports Metal, Metalworks

Rest is a city in Ilefain famous for its inns, taverns and baths. Called Ruhen by the dwarves and locals, the city sees much finance from the mines in the Tall Hills.

The city is occupied by 1,600 dwarves who live underground near to their workshops, which produce metal goods for export in the region and beyond. The humans above cooperate with the dwarves to handle the mining, move the ore to market and defend the city against magical threats. Rest is ruled by a hereditary marchion, Eldore-Amaël Raulm, but the true power is in an elected assembly called the Council of Ruhenmeister, a dwarven and human group that meets once a year to determine their production quotas and whether or not to threaten current clients with reduced output. The Council is led by the dwarven cleric, Agnarr Harthammer.



Four Brothers

House Wars of the 12th Century

Open fighting between houses in the streets and mines.


Castle of the royal family
the great baths
gothic abbey
horse race track
high end residential districts
arms - owlbear and mironel
cast iron bridge over the Ceebell
old stone bridge
home to a group of a orthodox holy order
parade gardens
famous pastry
dwarven culture
lots of gothic archetecture
religious and civil buildings with very high vaulted ceilings
defense group called the Ruiners - made up mostly of dwarven axemen.
The Undercity
annual river race
massive hall for the smiths guild
extremely strict on crime - draconian punishments
entire city is merchantile minded and is run like a corporation
master blade maker

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