Renwick Caradoon
Renwick Caradoon
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Race Human (lich)
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House / Clan House Caradoon
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Renwick Caradoon is a lich.


Life and death

In the late Age of Kings, Renwick was a hero of some renown and the brother of Samular Caradoon, the founder of the Knights of Samular. The two of them fought bravely in the Second Troll War. Renwick’s hunger for arcane knowledge eventually led him to prepare for lichdom, but he became a lich only because his brother fed him a lichdom potion on the battlefield rather than let him die.

Age of Alexander

When Renwick first established himself in the Sacred Stone Monastery, he claimed his room, though he had no need for the trappings of life. The Cult of the Black Earth naturally tried to make an ally of Renwick, but he ignored them. Hellenrae and her monks made a point of leaving him to his own devices.

When the Dark Strangers entered the monastery, they encountered Renwick's locked door. Kayden Cross and Argentea break into his room through the roof, but otherwise have an amiable meeting with Renwick. Argentea is given a copy of Renwick''s book "New Experiments and Observations on Geomancy".

Some time later, the Dark Strangers return to the monastery after it had been retaken by agents of the Lord's Alliance. The soldiers had attacked the lich in his room, and as retribution, Renwick began to slay the soldier, raising the dead as wights. He also commanded the monastery's flight of gargoyles against the invaders. To stop the battle, Argentea carved the Key of Hadar into her palm and banished Renwick's spirit from his body.


Renwick, bereft of his corporeal form, began to wander about as an astral wanderer.

Severing War

Appearance and personality

Renwick isn’t a member of the Black Earth cult, and he didn't care about the other residents of the monastery as long as they didn't interrupt his studies. Renwick tends not to attack preemptively. He is patient and will leave alone those who do not bother him. If provoked, he provides fair warning.

Renwick is nostalgic for the days when he was alive and considered a hero by the populace. He favors paladins and heroes. He is fond of cats.

Powers and abilities

The lich has time stop prepared instead of power word kill.

Renwick’s Phylactery

Renwick left his phylactery in a place even he can’t easily reach: a tomb beneath Summit Hall. If he should be defeated in combat, he’ll re-form there—and see whether he can abscond with his brother’s body for reburial in the empty sarcophagus.

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