Redletter Dooms

"There are tombs in this tome"
Gorvic Kell

The Redletter Dooms are a trio of books written by Grégoire Redletter during the Sixth Century PI.

Altogether, three books were written, each containing one hundred verses. Each of these verses spelled a specific doom, whether small or great. The writing is heavy in symbolism and verse with meanings that only become clear after the prophecised doom already passed.

Each book is known by the first letter written in them; the Epsilon Dooms, the Omicron Dooms, and the Omega Dooms. The Omega Dooms has been lost for some time.

History of the books

Writing the Dooms

Nuoširdumas in Wynfall

see Age of Kings Saga

Nuoširdumas read from the Omicron Dooms.

Death of Beornin Twice-Born

see Pray the Lord

1365. Yarok the Harbinger read from the Omicron Dooms.

The Omega Dooms are discovered

see The Archmages Saga: Conjuration

The Omega Dooms was discovered in a sub-realm of Carcereth known as Belzeragna by Malareth the Ebon Watcher in 1373.

Nature of the prophecies

Prophecies claimed by the Dooms

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