Red Cape
Red Cape
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Aliases ?
Size large city
Location Crustasice, Erdrafos,
Ruler ?
Population 3,000
Exports ?

Red Cape is a large port city in Canstice on the Gobel Sea.

subtropical climate

Table of Contents


city formed around the palace
Viresian city
Lyantium city called Erythos
a major battle occurred 400 PI as sahuagin invaded nearly destroying the city
after the battle, major religious reforms converting the city's last titanic temples to the church of light
a major bishop grew from the reforms and became a major political and religious figure


large cathedral dedicated to saint
historical location of the palace of an aquarian emperor
morlocks under the city
major shipyard


history of two noble houses fighting over control of the city
herbalism tradition
many plant experts
home of a major soldier in the severing war

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