Rayne Brenin
Rayne Brenin
Biographical Information
Location of Birth White City, Erwynn
Date of Birth 364 PI
Date of Death 301 PI
Title Brenin of Tir'Ein
Physical Description
Race Half-Elf
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown / Green
Family Information
Family Members Cwmwl Brenin (father)
Lydia Prestone (mother)
Sheena of the Elves (wife)
Blair Prestone (son)
Dayth Brenin (uncle)
Delwg Tywysoges (aunt)
Llio Brenhines (grandmother)
Loyalty Tir'Ein

Rayne Brenin, born as Rayne Prestone, was a half-elf king of Tir'Ein. He was born in human society, but was soon brought into the northern elven kingdom and brought to his birthright. His life was filled with turmoil and hardship, and because of his race, most historical references to him have been under-played.


Birth and early life

Adventure to Taurania

The wizard cult

Ascension to the throne

Death and Legacy

Powers and Abilities


Was reported to practice necromancy, but this is most likely slander by historians wishing to downplay Rayne's historical influence.


Chu Hsi

Felis Family

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